*In Memory*
of our

On Fathers day
(In Australia! - we have it the first sunday in september)
this year, 1999
I found out
i wasnt invincible
and that
"things that happen to other people"
happen to me too!

This amazingly obvious realisation
hit when i
what would have been
our third

Conceived around the 15th of July our baby was due on April 7th.
I first suspected I was pregnant when in the third week of July
I had a couple of dizzy spells with heart palpitations...
forcing me to lie down and get my breath.

My first thought was
this hasnt happened since I was pregnant with Callum.
A blood test on July 27th confirmed that there was indeed
a new life stirring!
My doctor rang to inform me of this and Kenny and I sat for a few minutes ,
mildly shocked by the news before rapidly giving way to delight!

We had to change a few plans to work around the expected birth
but it didnt matter..we discussed alternatives happily
and were soon very excited about it all.
We told our parents although I was a bit reluctant...
for no good reason
as we had announced my pregnancy with Callum very early also.
At six and a half weeks we had an ultrasound done to date the pregnancy.
I was a little nervous when they stated I was only 6 weeks
and changed my due date to April 12th
which i knew couldnt be right...
However we saw our little jellybean,
and had the heartbeat pointed out to us..
there it was safe and sound and alive.

I had one evening of "morning sickness"
but didnt actually be sick...
remembering my violent retching with Callum
from very early on..I again felt twinges of anxiety.
After that one episode I felt better and better ,
not so tired anymore, no sickness...
what a dream pregnancy!

Well the dream cruelly ended
when I started bleeding on a saturday morning..
and all too soon it was over...
On the sunday -Fathers day of all days..
the 5th of Sept - I was 9 and 1/2 weeks.
I began to miscarry
and a horrible ultrasound revealed that our baby had indeed died..
ironically soon after the 6 week ultrasound.
I had a D&C that evening
and it was finished...

But it doesnt end there...
there is so much more to be said.

We lost our baby...
a precious spark of life ...
something so hard for anyone who has not
experienced the pain of miscarriage to

So I dedicate this page to the memory of that tiny life...

our baby,
we never got to hold you or know you as a person..
but we loved you..
you lived in our hearts and imaginations
and always will

Perhaps the time was wrong for you
or you could not find your way to us..

May the light of our love guide you home...

Hugs and Kisses,
From Mummy and Daddy...
Big sister Roxanne
Big brother Callum



We have recently had Sweetpeas first 'angel-day'...
the anniversary of the miscarriage which was on Sept 5th 1999.
"Sweetpea (Malcolm or Rose) we all love you and will never forget you..
we lit a real candle for you on Tuesday..
thinking of you always..

Love Mummy, Daddy,
Roxanne, Callum and your new baby brother,'Drew' (Andrew Stuart);
Born July 11th 2000."


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