No reason was ever given for what caused my own miscarriage and unfortunately this often seems to be the case. It is a natural reaction to ask "why" and it adds to the trauma of the loss when there are no answers to be had.
I am certainly no expert in 'causes of miscarriage' but i have listed here interesting bits and peices i have found and also some very informative links.
My doctor told me that the odds of miscarriage are one in four! Incredibly high i thought. Ive since read that (according to some sources) they can be even higher.
The first 12 weeks (first trimester) are the 'highest risk' period when most miscarriages occur. Sometimes things go wrong virtually from the moment of conception and the egg does not divide properly. This is often termed a 'blighted ovum'. Chromosome abnormalities are also a common cause ..where for instance part of one chromosome 'sticks' to a different pair.Or the egg may fail to implant properly in the uterus wall. Abnormalites and deformities may have no cause which the parents could have prevented - they happen for no known reason.

However there are things which parents can do to lessen the risks... (Oh and By the way, according to an interesting article "LIFE BEFORE BIRTH" 'Researchers found that half of all miscarriages can be attributed to the male partner'.#Australian study at the university of Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth Hospital genetics dept *Article in Australian Parents/pregnancy) Research has found that the dangers of some medications and other substances ( including alcohol and nicotine) not only affect the baby through the mother but also by affecting the sperm cells of the father -which could produce deformities in the children ( or cause miscarriage)
In conclusion it was stated that potential for miscarriage increased where the male and/or female were regularly exposed to oil-based paints,glues and oven cleaners. Unprotected x-rays for lower back pain (particularly for men) also increased the risk of miscarriage)
Another interesting recent finding which i came across on the 'net recently linked recurrant miscarriage to PCOS ( a disorder in the woman which causes cystic ovaries, weight gain,irregular periods ,infertility...but try HERE for more information on this!
Other causes can be an incompetant cervix ( basically dilates too early and needs a stitch to hold it shut until delivery date) or rarely deformities of the uterus itself.
As ive mentioned I am no expert so I have a few very good links here which will help more than i can at this stage :-)
I will be adding to this page and links list as I come across more info.

http://hygeia.org/learn.menu.htm(Highly recommended for 'causes')
http://www.parentsplace.com/pregnancy/loss/ (A good 'general info' site and also answers questions)
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