What to say.....

im finding this section one of the hardest :-)...
What is helpful for one person is hurtful to another
I think the best thing is to be available, open and caring...
Often there is no need to say anything at all..
the painful truth is that in many cases
nothing said will really help anyway!
Acknowledging the babys existance
is probably one of the best and the most important things you can do...

Say things like...
*"Im sorry"
*"Im thinking of you"
*"Let me help"
*"Im here for you"
*"I know it hurts"

And above all
dont expect them to just "Get over it" and carry on like normal.
and remember, even when they appear to be doing that...
they still remember their loss and always will!.

I will add more here as i think of appropriate things.
However i would REALLY appreciate feedback on this
( what helped you?..or what would you have LIKED people to have done/said?)
Please email me with any thoughts...
Also Read the
"What Helps" Page..

"What helped me!"
(visitors share what helped...)
  • '..I was looking up at the stars and she asked 'are you thinking of your baby?' When i said I was,she responded.'Dont worry we arent going to forget your baby'.
    "That was the nicest most comforting thing anyone has said."
  • '....said 'Im sorry' and hugged me for a long time.Then asked 'what makes you feel better?'I told her how I dedicated a candle to my baby on a candle-light memorial on the Internet. She made it top priority there and then to go out and buy a candle (7 at night!).
    "I love it and still light it occasionally".
  • A couple of friends were great. They listened to me tell my experiences and pain over and over again,day after day...and just let me talk.
    "That was the best thing for me"

  • I was talking with a very close friend (a guy), telling him that I believe that you remain alive somehow if there is somebody remembering you. So he added, "Axel will never be forgotten, I will always remember him."

  • The day I started to bleed heavily, my husband had to go to work and open the store. His manager sent him home two hours later. I could tell he had been crying on the way home. A few minutes later he came and laid on the bed with me and we cried and cried. It helped so much to know he hurt too!
  • One of my friends was really great during this time. That same day, I went back to the doctor and was a basket case. She called me 3 times that day to see how I was (she is a very close friend) and came over to drop off supper with the statement, "I knew you wouldn't feel like cooking." Then she left. She was great. She didn't want to intrude, but she still wanted me to know she was thinking about us. She has been there for me in the days that followed, too.

Help others...add what helped you!
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