* Babies Memorial *

Our Little Angel
Remembered by...
Robin,Chris,Kyle and Paige.
Edd was October 2 2000.
Miscarriage; March 3rd 2000.
"We loved you from the moment you were conceived
We were blessed to have you in our lives, if only for a short time.
Instead of little feet, you grew wings.
You are our special Angel.
We will see you when our journey on Earth is complete
You will be there to welcome us home.
We Love You
big Brother Kyle
big Sister Paige.

Vanessa Roxanne
Remembered by...
Michele and John
Edd was October 29 1999.
Miscarriage; March 17th 1999.
"Vanessa (Peanut)
We love you and miss you always.
We will see you when our journey here is done
Mommy and Daddy
Matthew William
Remembered by...
Michele and John
Edd was September 6th 2000.
Miscarriage; February 5th 2000.
"Matthew (Beanie),
We love and Miss you always.
We take comfort in that you and Vanessa are together
Mommy and Daddy

Remembered by
Mummy and Daddy
Edd was 7thJan 2000
Miscarriage; 26th June 1999
"My sweet darling angel how we miss you so much.
Everyday I think that you should be snuggled in my arms
We love you
and look up at the stars for our little 'bean'."


Emma May
Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy
big sister Hailey
and big brothers
Joshua and Caleb.
Edd was Nov 3rd 2000
Miscarriage;March 5th 2000
"We were together for such a short time
but that has not changed how much we loved you.
We await the day we can all be together in heaven.
We love you sweet angel
Love Mommy,Daddy,
big sister Hailey
and big brothers Joshua and Caleb."

Baby Bryant
Remembered by...
Edd was May 28th 2000
Miscarriage; Oct 29th 1999
"You brought us happiness for a while
We think about you everyday.
You would have been our first, a precious baby boy.
We love you dearly...our sweet child.We will never forget you
Love you
Mommy and Daddy."


William James Mc Reynolds

Remembered by...
Mommy..Christy Eddins
(formerly Mc Reynolds)
Edd;July 27 1975
Birth; May 27 1975
Death; May 29 1975
"Jay I wanted you so much, but because I'd had German measles in the first trimester
you grew wings instead of feet...thank you for blessing this earth for 34 hours
and all 3lb 12oz of you is in the stars.You now have some playmates in the
stars named 'Littlest Sailor Baby Johnson',Blake Latrell,and Amy's baby
-please watch over them and keep them safe until we can all get there to be
with y'all. We all love and miss y'all and will be watching the stars for y'all
scampering and listening to y'alls laughter in the wind. We wont be afraid of thunder
either since we will know you 'guys' are into mischief as all angel babies should be!
Love always and forever....Gamma Gamma
Jay..you were my firstborn and wanted so very much.
You are now joined by Sailor-baby, Angel Blake, and Baby Whisper
so that you will have friends to scamper through the stars with and we will listen to all of you laughing in the wind.
We all love and miss you.
Jays Memorial "


The Littlest Johnson Sailor

Remembered by...
Grandma Eddins
Misc;31 July 1999
"Sailor-baby I had so hoped that your Mommy and Daddy
would get to experience the joy of your birth and life as much as I enjoyed
your Mommy's birth and her life. I know how much your Mommy and Daddy loved
and wanted you and how much they will always love you.
You are in heaven Sailor-baby,playing and laughing with my son Jay.
When I look at the stars at night I see you Sailor-baby and Jay scampering
and if i listen close enough I can hear Your laughter-
Love,hugs,and kisses
Grandma Christy Eddins.

Littlest Johnson Sailor

Angel Blake Latrell

Remembered by...
Christyfire (Debra's Mom from the board)
Born Still; May 8th 200 at 6.40am *********************
"Angel Blake...I met your Mommy on the Enterprise CVN-65 board that we both post on...
your Mommy and Daddy wanted you so much but it was not meant to be...
all 1/2 oz and 7 1/2 inches of you are now in the heavens and stars
with my son Jay and Debra & DeWayne's Littlest Johson Sailor Baby...
scampering through the stars so we will always see you when we are lonely
and listen ever so closely to the wind to hear the 3 of you laughing!!
From now on I will never be afraid of the thunder because I will be too busy wondering
what kind of mischef the 3 of you are in to!!
Take care, be safe you beautiful Angels
and all of you behave for "Gamma Gamma" "

Angel Blake Latrell

Baby Whisper

Remembered by...
Grandma Christy Eddins
Edd was Feb 26 2001
Miscarriage; May 25th 2000
" Baby Whisper...you were like a whisper in a gentle breeze...so soft we barely knew you were there...
but oh so loved and wanted! Now, you are scampering in the stars with Jay, Sailor Baby, and Angel Blake...
we so wish that all of you were here with us but that's not meant to be...
now we must wait until we can see y'all in Heaven.
We will look to the stars at night to see y'all and listen to the wind for your laughter...
with all my love Gamma
Baby Whisper

Caitlyn Mae
Remembered by...
Edd was Nov 25th 1998
Miscarriage; March 28th 1998
"We love and miss you very much.
You will always be
our special angel.

Baby Edwards
Remembered by...
Edd was Feb 15th,2000
Miscarriage; Aug 5th,1999
"I think of you everyday,
you would have been our 3rd child,
I know you are in a better place,You will never be forgotten
I have an angel above my bed and one in my car for rememberance of you.
You will always be in our hearts.
Love you always,
Brannon and Tyler.

Baby Hayes
Remembered by...
Edd was Oct 12,2000
Miscarriage; Feb 23,2000
"We are thinking of you everyday.
We will never forget you,even though we never saw you
We knew you were there.you would have been our third child
We all love you so much
Love you always
Mom, Dad
Chris & Austin

My Unforgotten Angels
Remembered by...
Dawn &Dezirae
Miscarriages(26); First April 89 -Last July'98
"I miss each and every one of you,but i know that one day we all will be together.
I've had 26 miscarriages and have 2 beautiful little girls,
they both know that they have brothers/sisters in heaven waiting to see them
and that they are watching over their Mommy,Daddy and sisters,
We all love you and always will

Our 3 Sweet Heavenly Darlings
Remembered by...
Edd's were ..10thSept 1995,7th July 1997&3rd Aug 2000
Miscarriage; 10thJune1995,16thJan1997&3rdJan2000
"You didnt stand a chance to come into our world
and know how much you were loved and wanted.
You have 2 gorgeous brotherswho,along with your mummy and daddy,
will eventually meet you in heaven"


Remembered by...
Edd was April 12th 2000
Miscarriage; Aug 30 1999
"I will always love you."

Our Little Bear
Remembered by...
Mommy Gina and Daddy Mike.
Edd was ..October 7th 2000
Miscarriage; March 16th 2000
"My sweet precious angel,how much we miss you!!
Now that you're gone,we cant cry hard enough.
You were our first and were so wanted.But i guess God missed you too much.
I am so sorry that we never got to hold you.but Mommy promises
that in Heaven we will hold you and will never let you go!
We will never forget you.Sleep peacefully little one,
until we meet again...
Mommy and Daddy

Kyna Andrew Cusveller
Remembered by...
Jax,Job & Nathaniel
Edd was .April 26th 2000
Miscarriage; Oct 6th 1999
"Our sweet little angel,who we will never see,
We know you are with us although there are so many things
we will never know about you.
Would you have had blue eyes or brown?Would you have been left or right handed?
All these and more........
We thank you for your short visit and hope to see you again some day.
Mama and Daddy."

My 2 Precious Angels
In Heaven

Remembered by...
Mommy,Daddy & Lexie
Edd's were March 11 2000 & Nov 1 2000
Miscarriages; July 22 1999 & Feb 25 2000
"Though I never got to hold
you angels in my arms,
I will hold you in my heart and love you both forever."


Baby Blizzard
Remembered by...
& the rest of the family
Edd;Nov 16 2000
Miscarriage;April 12 2000
"You changed our lives,
Thank you for making us parents.
We loved you from the first second,we will always love you "


Our Special Angel
Remembered by...
Momy,Daddy,br>& big brother Brendon
EDD;Nov 4 2000
Miscarriage; April 7 2000
"Our Angel,we love you so much
you are always going to live in our hearts.
We will hold you forever and keep you close.
We miss you!
Love always,Mommy,Daddy and Brendon. "


Baby Meece

Remembered by...
Mom,Dad and
your 2 brothers.
EDD April 24 2000
Miscarriage;Oct 4 2000
"You are missed so very much even though we never got to know you.
Your brothers speak of you and know you are with Jesus.
I'll always have a special place in my heart
for yousweet baby. "


Little One

Remembered by...
EDD April 1969
Miscarriage October 1968
"I have not spent a day without a thought of you in my mind.
You were so very wanted and already loved.
So long ago.
People just didnt understand that you were my baby already.
I've cried for you in secret and sometimes in silence,but ive cried for you and missed you.
I have the feeling that your little soul kept coming back to us.
Perhaps you're already here.
To me you will always be in my heart. "


Sweet Baby Boy
Remembered by...
Your Loving Parents
EDD;April 20 1998
Miscarriage; Sept 17 1997
"Thank you for leting us love you and making us so happy-
even though your stay was short.
We will never forget our sweet baby boy.


My Precious Ones

Remembered by...
Miscarriage;April 29 1995
............Sept 29 1995
"My Precious Little Ones....
How many dreams I had for you and how many times i wish
I could hold you in my arms and sing you lullabies.
You will never be forgotten and i will hold you in my heart
until i can hold you in my arms in Heaven.
Love Ya! "


Timothy Dakota Hollon

Remembered by...
birth Oct 8 1999
died Feb 17 2000
"Timothy we love and miss you forever!
Keep smiling until we are reunited in Heaven.

Visit Timothys Web Page;

Baby Walker

Remembered by...
Tony & Stephanie Walker
Edd;June 24 1998
Misc;Nov 6 1997
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.Helen Keller.
I love you.Forever and always your mommy i'll be. "


Baby Kaitlyn

Remembered by...
Mommy,Daddy & Caleb
Edd;Dec 25 2000
Misc;April 26 2000
"We only had you in our lives for a short time,but we love you so much!
We will miss not being able to see your beautiful face and being able to hold you
You will never be forgotton and we know that one day we will be together again
We miss you and love you very much!
Love Mommy,Daddy and Caleb."


Baby Osgan

Remembered by...
Grandma Jo
Edd;Nov 10 2000
Misc;April 30 2000
"Although you were only in our lives a short time and we never got to hold you,
YOU will be in our heart forever.
Everybody loved you and anticipated your arrival with great excitement.
Your Mom & Dad were so proud to be expecting YOU!!!
and I want you to know that no matter how much time passes
the memory of having you even for a short time will always be
with all of us.
& Even though the sadness of losing you will never pass
we will be forever grateful for the short time
we had to anticipate your arrival
'Precious are the little ones
who are never seen but
forever treasured'.."


Nicholas Ira Garris

Remembered by...
Cianna & Courtney
Edd;June 25th 2000
Misc;Jan 13th 2000
"I love and miss you Nicholas!
I will see you as soon as i fly home! "

Visit Nicholas' Webpage

Molly Pearl DeGrave

Remembered by...
Her Parents
Ken and Pamela DeGrave
Born Dec 14th 1999
Died Dec 26 1999
"Deeply loved by her parents Ken and Pamela DeGrave
and her sister Shannon. We love you Molly.
We will be together again!"


Anne Rachel

Remembered by...
Her Parents &
Our Families
Edd;July 25 1999
Misc;June 21 1999
"We were very blessed to have our dear one for so long,
to know her name and feel her kicks.We came so close to having
her in our lives and we can never forget her"


Johnathan James Krieger

Remembered by...
Edd;Aug 25 2000
Misc;April 10 2000
"We love and miss you "


Trevor John Krieger

Remembered by...
brother& sister
Edd;Jan 10 2000
Misc;Aug 25 1999
"We love and miss you"


Baby from Above

Remembered by...
Daddy & Mommy M Edd;June 2000
Misc;Nov 1999
"To our Precious Son/Daughter
It is so unfair that we had to say goodbye before we even got to meet you,
just to imagine wht you would of looked like;Daddys beautiful blue eyes,
Mommys olive skin..and a piece of your 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
But we know you are in heaven. We will never forget you precious
you will always have a space in our hearts and our family


Chas and Cole Jawort-Havens

Remembered by...
Edd;Aug 27 2000
Misc;April 30 2000
"Chaz and Cole we all love you and will remember you always.
We miss you everyday in every way. I know you are with God
and when my lesson here is through I will come straight to the two of you
Love you always and Forever Mommy"


Nicholas Steven Matthews

Remembered by...
Cynthia & Leo Matthews
Edd was May 14 1994
Miscarriage; Feb 26 1994
"We may have only had you in our lives for six months
but you will be in our hearts and thoughts for a lifetime.
Please keep on smiling down of us from heaven. "


Little Peach Lost

Remembered by...
Mummy & Daddy
Edd was 15.8.88
Miscarriage; 6.12.87
" You'd be stepping out now.Almost a teenager.
It didn't take Mummy half a second to remember when we were expecting you
or when we lost you.
You have still your big sister, who was so sad to lose her baby sister or brother
and your young brother who would have loved to have you.
They didn't have websites then and you were only the size of my thumbnail.
But I had already planned the rest of my life with you, little one. "

Ruben Gabriel - "Little Foot" - Young

Remembered by...
Karla and Ronald Young
Edd was July 24th 2000
Miscarriage; March 29th 2000
" You will always be loved,and until we can hold you again,
may God guide your little feet in love.
Hugs and Kisses ---
Love Mommy and Daddy!!!!! "

Gage Alexander Peterson

Remembered by...
Edd was Jan 25th 1998
Miscarriage; July 13th 1997
" "In a few short weeks you shared your love. Inside my womb I carried an Angel from up above."
(part of a poem I wrote)

Gage, You were only with me for a short time, but I will treasure that time forever!
You will always be my first little boy, and I can't wait til I get to hold you in Heaven. I love you forever, I like you for always.
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

"I realize as a woman how lucky I am. I was there when that wonderful creature drifted into my life, and I was there when she drifted out.
It was the most precious moment of my life."
~Steel Magnolias~

Visit Gage's Page

My Sweet Little Angel

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
Edd was Jan 23 2001
Misc/ June 7th 2000
" Little one even though we never got to meet I want you to know that before you were even created we loved you.
I already had started buying you things that you will never have or use. Please know that we think of you every day and will always love and miss you.
I know that your Grandma Carole is taking good care of you for us. I will dream of the day when we meet for the first time.
Love always,
Mommy & Daddy

Baby Girl Buck

Remembered by...
Matthue & Brandon Edd was Dec 31 2000
Miscarriage; May 28th 2000
" We love you and you will always be in our hearts!!
Someday we will all meet in a better place by far!

Taylor Elizabeth Laudo

Remembered by...
Twin sister Hannah & New Sisiter Emily Edd was Feb 8th 1997
Stillborn Dec 6th 1996
" We miss you so much, but you are in our hearts and thoughts everyday. We know you are our guardian angel.
Watch over your twin sister Hannah and your new little sister Emily Taylor, named after you.
We Love You!!!

Little Cruz "Jacob" or "Abbigale"

Remembered by...
Audrey And Carlos
Miscarriage; June 12th 2000
" Even though you were not with us long I am saddened by this loss - you were our dream and will always be in our thoughts
- We know you are in a good place and God is watching over you
We love you Baby Doll-


Our 1st Sweet Babe

Remembered by...
Jessica & Mike
Edd was Jan 21 2001
Misc; June 12 2000
"Our love and thoughts will always be with you
now that you're in the arms of God and your grandpa.


Kira Monet Garibay

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
Misc; July 1 2000
"We love you Kira, Always!"



Remembered by...
Edd was September 1980
Misc; January 1980
"I've not forgotton you"


Nathaniel "Nathan" Alexander

Remembered by...
Mom,Dad,Jason,Joshua & Carrie
Edd was August 24,2000
Misc; April 10,2000
"Nathan,you are on our minds and in our hearts, forever and always.
Love you little angel. Mommy and Daddy"


Olivia Faye

Remembered by...
Edd was January 28, 2001
Misc; July 3, 2000
" My sweet little angel, I'll see you in heaven, and trust me, I'll know who you are. My heart breaks with the loss of you, but deep inside I know you were always too good for this world. I will carry my love for you deep in my heart for all of eternity. "


Harrison Scott Hood

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Brother, and Night-Night

Misc; July 7th 2000
" At least now our little angel has wings."


Momma's Angel

Remembered by...
Jennifer and John
edd was December 27, 2000
Misc; June 15, 2000
" This year on Mother's Day I found out that I was pregnant.
It was to be my first child and i was thrilled. On June 13, 200o...5 days before I was to have my first ultrasound to see my baby growing inside of me...
I started bleeding and went to the hospital...when they did the ultrasound they could find no heart beat.
I was supposed to be 8 weeks along, but the baby had somehow died at 6 weeks. There was no heartbeat. I never got to hear the heartbeat of my first child. On June 15, 2000 i finally had the miscarriage.
It devastated me terribly and still does. My heart goes out to anyone who has had a miscarriage or lost a baby in any way. My prayers are with you.
Please Lord, bless my baby and hold him/her tight till eventually I am with him/her again.."


Our Precious little one

Remembered by...
Mommy,Daddy and Tyler
edd was December 25, 2000
Misc; June 20, 2000
" Our precious little one. You will always be in our hearts."


Victoria Leigh

Remembered by...
Mommy ,Sissy and brober
edd was December 1, 2000
Misc; July 16 2000
" Our little Tori, our miracle baby.
We never got to hold you in our arms, but we will forever hold you in our hearts.
We love you! ."


My Little Baby

Remembered by...
edd was December 16, 2000
Misc; June 1 2000
" My dear little one, I want you to know that I think of you often and that part of me died when I lost you.
You will always have a special place in my heart! ."


Baby Cupid

Remembered by...
Robyn & Jon
edd was Oct 19, 2000
Misc; June 12 2000
"We found out that we were pregnant on Valentine's Day. You have been loved ever since. We miss you terribly even though we never had a chance to meet you. We know that we will be together again someday.."


Baby Tinberg

Remembered by...
Mommy Daddy Grant & Allie
edd was Jan 20, 2001
Misc; June 8 2000
"We were so happy to find out I was expecting again!
Your Big Brother Grant phoned the family when the pregnancy test came out positive. I got on progesterone right away because I lost my first pregnancy to miscarriage on Dec. 23, 1995.
Something didn't feel right on June 7, 2000 and the spotting soon started. An emergency ultrasound that night showed a viable embryo at 8.5 weeks. Daddy and Allie were so lucky to see your little heart beating! I was too busy crying from relief that I didn't look at you on the screen.
The doctor said not to worry, so I was hopeful you were alright. The bad news came the following Monday...I had lost you. We were heartbroken.
I have a hole in my heart that can never be replaced and I cry for you every day. I know you are safe in Heaven with Heavenly Father and I cannot wait for the day that I will join you and hold you in my arms for the first time.
Grant wants to "drive up to Heaven" and take you back home...he took your loss so hard.
I love you little one. And as I say to your brother and sister every night with a kiss,
Good night angel, sweet dreams, Mommy loves you! XOXOX.."


Albani baby

Remembered by...
Mom Rula and Dad Aziz
Edd was Jan 4th 2001
Misc; July 25 2000
" To my sweet angel...
I did not have the chance to hold you or even kiss you, but you will always be in my heart and memory forever.
Love from mom Rula
dad Aziz
elder brother Omar
elder sister Dana Albani


Victoria Leigh

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and Brother
Edd was Dec 1 2000
Misc; July 16 2000
" Our little Tori, our miracle baby. We never got to hold you in our arms, but we will forever hold you in our hearts. We miss you and we love you! "


Our Littlest Angel

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy
and Logan
Edd was Jan 5th 2001
Misc; July 20 2000
" Our little angel,
We had to say goodbye before we ever got to say hello. We know you're in Jesus' loving arms as he sings you lullabies.
We love you so much! "


Baby #4 #5 #6

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy

Edd were July 26th 2000 and Dec 9th 2000
Misc; Dec 19th 1999 and May 10 2000
"I've always known how lucky I was, being blessed with 3 beautiful children, but now losing 3 beautiful children has made my heart so heavy at times.
All I can do now is to remember how lucky I am to have been blessed with 5 pregnancies, all of which I celebrated.
They were a gift, a gift for which I will always be thankful for.
Each pregnancy brought new hope, great joy & in the end a sadness I will never fully recover from.
So here's to you, my loves, my babies who I have yet to meet -I have your boxes & journals next to your sister & brothers boxes and I will always keep you safe in my heart!
Love, Mommy & Daddy "


Baby Greeen

Remembered by...
Mom & Dad

Misc; July 24th 2000
" We didnt even know you were there,
until I went to the doctor because I was hurting and thats when I found out that I was pregnant and that I lost you,
Just wanted to let you know that even though we didnt know you were there, we loved you very much,you will always be remembered.
You would have been our First child,So until we meet just remember that you will always be in our heart
Love always Mom & Dad "


Chailyn Marie

Remembered by...
Mom ,Dad and Family
Edd Nov 15th 2000
Misc; July 9th 2000
"Our Precious Angel Chailyn Marie,
We all miss you so much. We think bout you all the time wanting to hold you again in our arms.
We're thankful we got to hold you and give you all the love we had after you were born.
We sat & look at you'r beautiful pictures everyday wishing you were here in our arms.
We know you are in heaven with Jesus watching over us. Until we hold you again Chailyn remember you are loved very much.
We truly love you!!
Love Always, Mom, Dad. & Family "


Our 2nd Little Angel

Remembered by...
John & Shana
Edd Oct 24th 2000
Misc; Feb 22nd 2000
"We miss you and we will hold you in Heaven. "


Jacob or Laura

Remembered by...
Mommy& Daddy (April & Martin England)
Edd March 15th 2001
Misc; July 28th 2000
"We love you more than words can say, and that is a good thing,
because you never got to hear us say it.
I hope you and Grandpa have a good time in Heaven, and just know that we will be seeing you soon there!
We miss you already, hunny bunny!
Mommy, Daddy, Big Brother Zach and Big Sister Alexys


Mommys Lil One

Remembered by...
Misc; July 28th 2000
"I just want you to remember that I love you very much and someday I'll get to hold you in my arms the way I've dreamed.
I'll never forget you or the impact your short life left with me.
I'll miss you and love you forever.



Jordan John

Remembered by...
Mom & Dad
Edd was July 26th 2000
Misc; March 17th 2000
" You're a doll, yet smaller than any doll we've ever seen.
We gaze through your closed eyes and we see your life ~ the days of a life unlived.
Though we do not hear you cry, we cry for you. In those precious few minutes, you bravely tried to catch your breath ~ the precious gift of life.
We hold you in our arms during this life that's much too short, we get to know you, your soul.
We know we will recognize you ~ and get to know you even better ~ in the life. Today is St. Patrick's Day ~ the day of Saints.
Jordan, you are our Saint.
We have gotten to know God even better through these few minutes of your life. And from all of this, Jordan, you have taught us how precious life truly is,
no matter how short or how long.
Thank God for this life.
Love Grandma Forret "


Baby Cashman

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
& Big Brother Cole
Edd was March 16th 2001
Misc; July 21 2000
" My little pumkin, though we were not together very long, my love for you was and still will remain very strong.
I cry everyday for you, but am comforted to know that I will indeed be reunited with you again someday.
I Love You "



Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
Edd was July 1986
Misc; Jan 6th 1986
"Cindy, we miss you and still love you very much.
I am thinking of you especially as the anniversary of your due date is near.
I know that someday I will see you in heaven and I will get to give you all of the hugs and kisses that we've missed all these years. "


Jaylyann Breean Jennings

Remembered by...
Edd was Jan 4th 2001
Misc; July 22 2000
" Baby i had you only for 7 weeks but you were so alive and special to me...
I know you are in a better place now i really miss you and cant wait to see you
i know God holds you till i can when we meet i will swipe you from his arms and rock you to sleep and be your mommy.

LOve yur,
Mommy "


Baby Jeremy

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
& Big Sister Jackie
Edd was Feb 6 2001
Misc; July 19 2000
" God bless you my dear baby!
We won't forget you.
All of our love until we meet again. "


Our Little Tie Breaker

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
Edd was Jan 24 2000
Misc; July 18 2000
"We didn't expect you, but loved you from the moment we found out you would be part of ourlives.
We know you are with the angels now,
and though our arms are empty we will never forget you. "


Angel Baby

Remembered by...
Mom & Dad
EDD was Feb 27 2001
Misc; August 1 2000

" You are our special little angel that never made it into our arms,
but you were loved more then we could say!!
You will always be remembered until the day we will see you again in heaven-
we will never forget you!!!
Good - Bye for now Angel- you will always be our 1st baby
and you will always hold a special place in our hearts!!!!
Love, Mom & Dad "


Heavens littlest Angel

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy
edd = March 2001
misc = August 16, 2000

Even though you were with us for only a short time,
we will always miss you and love you.


Cade Alexander Wilson

Remembered by...
Beckie and Andy
edd = 12-07-2000
misc = 05-14-2000 (Mother's Day)
I found out I was pregnant on April 10th 2000.
We were so excited. I told everyone. I started bleeding about three weeks later, and on Mother's Day it was all over.
I miscarried the day before my first doctors appointment.
I will never forget my first baby, where ever life may take me, I will always have him with me.
I never actually learned the gender. That was the only name we had picked out.
I will be thrilled when i finally have a baby, but he will always be with me and be a part of my life.

Mommy and daddy love you so much Cade!! Have fun playing with all the other angel babies!!
Hugs and kisses XXOO


Baby Davignon

Remembered by...
Terry Dave and Matthew
Edd. 3.25.2001
Misc; 8.20 2000
We waited so long for you,but I guess you were not meant to be.
You will always be remembered in our hearts..


My 4 little Angels

Remembered by...
My 4 dearest angels,
you haunt me in my dreams and I long to hold you in my arms.
But know always that I will hold you in my heart and love you always until my spirit finds yours.

Our Sweet Angel - Travis Christian

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy, big brothers Jacob and Jordan, big sister Rachel, and baby brother Noah
edd = January 7, 1998
m/c = May 15, 1997
My sweet angel,there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you! I miss you so much.
But I know that you are with Jesus and HE is taking care of you until we all meet again.
You would have been my fourth child! I started to lose you on Mother's Day of 1997.
They did the ultra sound and we did not see your heartbeat. Oh the pain of knowing that you were leaving me, I cannot describe.
But I know that God has a reason and that does comfort me.
We love and miss you my sweet angel!!!


My First Child

Remembered by...
Mindi and Dustin Henderson
Edd. March 7th. 2001
Misc; Aug 18 2000
I'm sorry that I never got to hold you.
I'm sorry that I won't be able to read you stories at bedtime and laugh together.
I miss you already.
Mommy and daddy will always love you.


Nelson Angel Baby

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy, and big sisters Kiarah and Camree
edd = August 17th 2000
misc = December 25th 1999
We had so many dreams for you and now you are in heaven.
We will be together someday, but until then you will be in our minds and in our hearts, ALWAYS.
We love you.


Baby Spring # 2

Remembered by...
edd = April 5 2001
misc = Aug 30 2000
You were our second baby together....much loved and wanted.


My Sweet Baby

Remembered by...
Alicia and Danny
m/c = Jan 24 2000
for a short time, you gave my life meaning,
and though it was not right at this point in our lives, we will meet again.
you are missed.



Remembered by...
Silvia and Al
edd = July 6, 1999
misc = December 3, 1998
For nine weeks I carried you
For nine weeks I loved you
For nine weeks I searched for your name
For nine weeks I allowed my dreams to take flight

My little child who was not to be
I pray your soul is in God's hands tonight
I pray His love will sustain us
I pray our lives will persevere

As I try to make sense of this
My head spins out of control
I can't understand why
Why you came and left so soon

Tonight a new star adorns the sky
A new voice joins the choir of angels

And my body is empty

We love you sweet Liam!


Baby Scheben & Baby Scheben-Samuel

Remembered by...
edd = August 1990 & October 2000
m/c ;December 25, 1990 & February 26, 2000
My first sweet child, my first pregnancy how long ago it was but you still are in my thoughts and heart to this day.
My sweet little one conceived a few short months after I lost your sister Gabriela Lael full-term.
You were my hope and my dreams coming to life again. How I cried the day I lost you, as I felt my hope going out the window once again.
May Jesus keep you safe in his arms, and know I will remember and love you forever!
Website link

Terry Dale Hagenwald

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy & Big Brother D.J.
edd = March 9, 2001
misc = August 23, 2000
Our sweet angel.
You will be forever in our hearts and always in our thoughts.
Your big brother will hold you in his heart as well.
I know you are in Heaven with God and your big brother/sister Kyle Jordan.
Please stay together and know that someday we will all be together and I will hold you and hug you both.
Love and hugs,
Mommy, Daddy & Big Brother D.J.

Baby Kyle Jordan Hagenwald

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy,
edd = April 15 1998
m/c = Sep 5 1997
You would have been our first baby.
We loved you from the very first minute you were here.
You will be forever in our hearts.
My arms are empty now but I know that I will hold you in heaven.
Forever in our hearts.
Love, Mommy & Daddy

We love you and miss you.
We had so many hopes and dreams for you.
You will be forever in our hearts and always in our thoughts.
Someday my sweet little angel I will hold you in my arms in heaven.
Love you always,
Mommy & Daddy


Baby Maloy

Remembered by...
Auntie Sharon
misc = around easter
People say you can not love someone you never knew,
but before I could meet you away, with the angels, you flew.
We know that you are watching from the sky,
but it made us sad to not get to say goodbye.
I belive you know how much love was felt,
when mom could no longer wear a belt.
The little peanut in her belly had somewhere else to go.
I know you look after all the people that love you below.


May, Melody, Jake, Carlin, and the babies since

Remembered by...
your mother/grandmother/aunt/cousin
Due dates ; Dec. '87, Feb.'88, June'88
Dates lost; May5,'87...July19,'87...Jan.15,'88

Three now in Heaven,
all concieved and lost in less than one year, possibly others...
Carlin? -a year before...I still mourn all of my lost babies.
Also,I want to memorialize my two aborted grandchildren,deeply mourned,
and one grandchild lost in miscarriage...
you are not forgotten.
We will meet in eternity.
Every one of us!


Devon Frank Lundstrom/ Reynnvann

Remembered by...
November twentith 1997
I know your up in heven with the angels.
I will never forget the time we spent togther, it may have been short but meant the world to me.
You are my little angel. And someday We'll meet again.
I miss you with all my heart.
I love you ,


Jackson Levi Smith

Remembered by...
Joanne Smith
Date of loss;July 16, 2000

Jackson must have been a very special little boy for God to take him so early.
I was only 17 weeks pregnant when I was told "It's not viable".
He was wrapped up in his cord.
I would like to think that Jackson is in Heaven fishing with his Great-uncle Joe.
I have pictures of him after his "birth", he would have looked just like his big sisters.
At least, I had him for a little while.
Thank you for letting me tell you about our Jackson.
God Bless you all,
Joanne Smith


Christopher Patrick

Remembered by...
Mommy & Daddy
(Steve and Kathy Willick)

edd ;December 20th 2000
misc; July 2nd 2000

Our dear baby boy, we miss you so much.
You were our first baby and always will be.
We are thankful that although you were so tiny we were able to see and hold you.
You were so beautiful.
We know that god is taking good care of you until we meet again.
You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

We love you very much.


Brooklyn Alexandria Greenslade Cloutier

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy

edd : November 10, 2000
misc : April 25,2000

I loved you sweetie from the moment I found out that you were on your way.
You will live in my heart for always and ever.
You became the most important thing in my life
and when I lost you I felt like my heart was gone with you.
Mommy loves you and can't wait to meet you.
Spread you wings and fly, my precious butterfly.
I Love you Angel.
Love Always,
Mommy and Daddy


Our Little Miracle

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy Stevens

edd: December 5th 2000
Misc: April 27th 2000

The image of a beautiful babys face in our arms is still there.
you are still loved so much
and are our angel looking down on us guiding us on.

love Mommy and Daddy


Jason Micheal

Remembered by...
Mommy , Daddy and your Big Brother Logan

edd : mar.14,01
misc : sept14,00

To our Little Angel Jason Micheal,
We all love you very much,
and We cant wait to see you when we get to Heaven.
We Love You Very Much.
Mommy, Daddy,& Logan


Linda's beloved baby boy,
Joe Jr.

Remembered by...
Linda and Joe

edd :winter of 1970
misc : taken in the summer of 1970

Baby's Prayer
by Kathy Troccoli
(from Kathy's album "Love and Mercy")
I can hear her talking with a friend
I think it's all about me
Oh how she can't have a baby now

My mommy doesn't see
That I feel her breath, I know her voice
Her blood, it flows through my heart
God knows my greatest wish is that
We never part

But if I should die before I wake
I pray her soul You'll keep
Forgive her Lord, she doesn't know
That you gave life to me

Do I really have to say goodbye
Don't want this time to be through
Oh please tell her that I love her, Lord
And that you love her too

Cause if I should die before I wake
I pray her soul You'll keep
Forgive her,Lord,she doesn't know
That you gave life to me

On the days when she may think of me
Please comfort her with the truth
That the angels hold me safe and sound
Cause I'm in heaven with you
I'm in heaven with You.

This child was aborted at five months gestation by someone who wanted
him,and would have loved him very much.


Angel Baby Skradis

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy Skradis, Maisy and Max
edd : March 23, 2001
misc : September 14, 2000
You were in our lives for such a short amount of time.
You made us happy and hopeful and filled our lives with love and joy.
We will miss our little angel and hope that you will stay in our lives,
watch over us, and keep us safe as our little guardian angel.
We will always love you.


Our Sweet Baby

Remembered by...
Mommy,Daddy & sisters Erica and Katie

edd : May 13, 2001
misc : Sept 18, 2000

We tried for months to get pregnant with you,
Then on our vacation to PEI you were conceived.
How Happy we were.
We found out you were coming on Sept 6th (Daddys Birthday)
and on Sept 18th(our 2nd wedding anniversary) you left us.
What started with some spotting and some hope,ended in despair.
I cant remember a thing from yesterday (Sept 19th)
We will always love you and think of you,
and we will see you in heaven some day.

Love Mommy,Daddy,Sisters Erica & Kaitlin


Mommys Baby

Remembered by...
Chuck, Dawn & Cole

edd : March 28,2001
misc : September 9,2000

Mommie didn't expect you, but you sure were a welcomed suprise..
When I would mention you to your big brother Cole, he got a smile in his eyes
We were soooo happy that you were on your way
We just kept a count down until the big day...
but as quick as came, you were gone twice as fast.
And Mommie needs to tell you that the love I have for you will always LAST..
I may not be able to see you or hold you in my arms
But knowing that you're in Heaven with Jesus.....will always make my heart warm.
I don't need to tell you how much you are loved..
but I love saying it away, when I look up in the heavens above...



Remembered by...
Your Loving Mommy

I wanted to leave a little message,
that would be sent to Heaven,
where my special lil star now dwells.
Though we lost you too soon,
there isn't a day that goes by when you are not in my heart or in my mind.
I find myself wondering what you would have looked like.
Would you have had my eyes, and your daddy's sweet smile?
Would you be poetic, athletic; tall, or small?
Such a miraculous child...
I just want to say that you are my star,
burning bright.
Clouds may never sever your light.
I love you.
As long as the sky stands above my head,
I will never forget who you are,
and I know we will meet again.


Baby Keplinger

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy and Your Big Brothers

edd : January 7, 2001
misc : June 2, 2000

You will be in our hearts always.
I know that you are in Heaven with your big sister Kaitlynn.
My arms ache to hold you both.
Take care of each other until Mommy is with you forever.
My Special Angels loving you always.


Nathaniel David Emblen

Remembered by...
Mummy, Daddy and little sister Sarah-Kate

edd : 21 feb 1988
misc : Stillborn

Beautiful ,beautiful baby boy, red curly hair and beautiful skin
you were too beautiful for this cruel world
so Jesus took you to be with him in heaven
and I look to the day I can hold you in my arms
love from Mummy, Daddy and Sister


Alex Dale

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy, and your Little Sisters

edd :June 28, 1991
misc : May 21, 1991

No matter how many years go by, you are always in my thoughts and in my heart.
I never held you in my arms,
but I wish everyday that I had held you when they asked me if I wanted to.
I was in too much pain and agony at the time, but I have held you in my heart ever since you were conceived.
You will always be my baby boy, my little angel in Heaven.
And I know one day I will get to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you.
I tell your little sisters about you and they love you, also.


Ethan John Burns & Kendall James Burns

Remembered by...
mom and dad

edd : march 30, 2000
misc : nov. 3, 1999 & nov.29, 1999

Mommy and Daddy love and miss you both very much!!!
we can't wait to see you again.


Cayleb Ralph Joseph

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy, big brother Andrew, all of your granmas and grandpas

edd : August 24, 2000
misc : Born still: August 1, 2000

My sweet Cayleb I love and miss you so much.
I know you are safe now, in angel's arms.
I think of your sweet face all the time. My sweet angel, I love you so much and can't wait until I
can hold you again in my arms.





My Little One

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy and Elizabeth

edd : June 13, 2001
misc : October 19, 2000

My precious little one,
we were so excited to find out that you were on your way to us,
but we understand that right now you have to be with God and when the time is right, you will rejoin us.
Mommy, Daddy and your big sister Elizabeth love you very much and miss you.
You will fovever be in my heart.
Love Mommy


Our Little Angel

Remembered by...
Daddy and Mommy

edd : May 2000
misc : July 14 2000

We didn't even know it happened...,
We awoke so happy because it was my first ultrasound and we were going to see you.
Count your fingers and your toes...listen to your heart beat for the first time.
But there was nothing, nothing at all.
The Dr. had to do bloodwork to confirm I had a miscarriage it took two long days and then a D&C.
I know you are safe and happy in heaven with your Grandpa
We love you and you will always be our little angel....


Little Ray-Ray

Remembered by...
Mommy, Daddy, Bryce, Dylan, and Antonio

Born December 9, 1990
Died August 3, 2000

We love and miss you profoundly.
There is no word in any language that would describe the intense loss we feel for you my sweet son....
.I will forever miss your presence and long for the day that we meet again...
where you will be whole and perfect free from the pain you suffered in this lifetime....
Until we hold you again...
I love you Little Ray....
Please take care of him Lord...
Visit Ray-Ray



Remembered by...
Mommy,Daddy,big sister Lauren and big brothers Nicholas and Jacob

edd :Sept 27,2000
misc : Sept1,2000<

My darling angel, you are missed so much.
There isn't a day that goes by that i do not cry for you.
i long to hold you in my arms again and kiss you.
I know grandpap weller is doing that and playing with you.
Enjoy playing with all your angel friends and we will all be reunited someday.
i will never forget you and your will be in my heart forever my darling baby.


Hunter Michael Bria

Remembered by...
His mommyThere

misc : September 5, 1999

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you.
I love you baby.
Hunters Page


Katie Elizabeth Brown

Remembered by...
Josh, Sarah, Dylon, and Dakota

edd : April 16, 2001
misc :October 3, 2000

Dear Katie,

Our only wish is that we could have known you more.
I know we will someday meet you in heaven.
Please take care of the four other brothers and sisters with you in heaven.
You are missed and loved.

Love your Mommy and Daddy and two brothers.


Shalla Nickel Lewis

Remembered by...
Mother and brother Dashawn and sister Sarina

misc :December 21,1992

To my angel who is in heaven.
Babygirl, know that you are missed daily.
I love you so very much.
I know that one day I will see you.

Love you!
Your Mom
Visit my Brother's Memorial


DeAndre Jamal Lewis

Remembered by...
Mother and brother Dashawn and sister Sarina

misc :October 7,1991

To my first born son,
I love you so very much and miss you something fierce.
I know that you are in a much better place and recieving all the love and care you need that I can't give.
I know that we will be together someday.
Until then watch over your little brother and sister here on earth.
Eternal kisses and hugs,

Love you!
Your Mom
Visit my Sister's's Memorial


George Eugene Pekin

Remembered by...
Mum, Dad, Sophie, Taniea & Kelsey

edd : 4th october 2000
misc :20th may 200

Our Precious Baby Boy

Our love for you will always stay,
not a day goes by that you are not in our hearts and thoughts,
our precious babe you were so loved here .
George now you are our own special angel in heaven,
but l would still rather have you here.


Baby Hannah/Austin

Remembered by...
Carla & Marc Eagler

edd :June 4, 2001
misc :November 16, 2000

You are my angel that I will look up to in the sky everynite and say I love You!
I wanted to see your face and feel your hands.
Someday, I will do this and we will be rejoined!
I love you..you are my Angel in Heaven!


Samantha Renee Bala

Remembered by...

edd :December 29th, 1993
misc :April 24th, 1993

Samantha, thank you baby for coming to me in my dreams. I know you are in heaven shining bright as the angel you truly are.
We never had the chance to know each other but I do know that one day we will be together along with the rest of our dearly departed.
I love you Samantha forever and ever!

Mama loves you.

Rest high above, 'till we are joined together once again.


Jeffrey Scott Duzan

Remembered by...
Momma,Daddy, and James

edd : September 28, 1995
misc : August 29, 1995

My special first born son, you are forever in my thoughts and in my heart.
How I wish that I could have had more time with you.
Your death has been very hard for me to deal with and to this day it still hurts.
But when my heart aches for you I look into the eyes of your handsome little brother and I feel that God chose for you to watch over James from Heaven.
I will always love you and cherish your memory forever!!



James 111

Remembered by...
Karena (The Mother)

edd :April 16,2000
misc : June 1,2000

Hello James 111.....
I know I wish I could of held on to you forever in my life.
I love you and always will.
I will never forget you.
You were very special to me. I wish you can understand things.
If you don't understand now, please forgive me.
One day real soon we will be together
. Love Mother (Karena)



Remembered by...

edd :June 21,2001
misc : November 7, 2000

I've heard that all the babies that have been lost will be returned to the arms of their mother in heaven.
I long for that day when I can hold you close to me and kiss your face.
I miss you and there will be an empty spot in my heart that will only be filled by you.
For now, may God Himself hold you and keep you.
I will not forget you and will not stop loving you.


baba Schultz

Remembered by...

edd : 07/august 2001
misc : 02/ november 2000

We never knew you but we loved you

link : . http://home.talkcity.com/SisterhoodSt/vettebell/


Baby No-Name

Remembered by...

edd : April 16th 1995
misc :5th September 1994

I didn't know how much I loved you 'till you were gone.

Ryans memorial



Remembered by...
Email 04/10/93-08/21/95

I miss you so much.
Save a spot for me.


Ryan Michael Smith

Remembered by...
Mummy & Daddy

edd : June 27th 1997
misc : November 7th 1996

Always in our dreams...

Forever in our hearts..

Visit Baby No-Name


Baby Holland

Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy

edd :January 8,2001
misc : May 9, 2000

I may have never seen your face.
Or got to hold you in my arms.
But i think of you always


My Little Angel

Remembered by...

edd :June 5th 2001
misc :October 16th 2000

Sometimes I sit and cry, "why did it have to happen to me."
You will always have very special place in my heart.
I will always love you my little angel.

Love, Mommy


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