Angel Blake Latrell

Remembered by...
Christyfire (Debra's Mom from the board)
Born Still; May 8th 200 at 6.40am

"Angel Blake...I met your Mommy on the Enterprise CVN-65 board that we both post on...
your Mommy and Daddy wanted you so much but it was not meant to be...
all 1/2 oz and 7 1/2 inches of you are now in the heavens and stars
with my son Jay and Debra & DeWayne's Littlest Johson Sailor Baby...
scampering through the stars so we will always see you when we are lonely
and listen ever so closely to the wind to hear the 3 of you laughing!!
From now on I will never be afraid of the thunder because I will be too busy wondering
what kind of mischef the 3 of you are in to!!
Take care, be safe you beautiful Angels
and all of you behave for "Gamma Gamma" "

Meet my angel friends...
William James Mc Reynolds Jr (more here)
Baby Whisper Memorial
Littlest Johnson Sailor

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