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Below is a list of helpful and informative links.It will be added to
so feel free to email me with any suggestions!

General Miscarriage Information:

PCOS info (linked to recurrant miscarriage) recommended for 'causes') (A good 'general info' site and also answers questions)
Ectopic pregnancy

Other help,services etc

Heres a real winner, Brie Godinez is a wonderful talented lady who will create your memorial pages and maintain them - for free.
Her work is of incredible quality - please take a look at what she created for Sweetpea

Grief help Resources:(some memorials too)/and Angel-Baby memorial sites.
LoveMyAngel's Pregnancy Loss Help page
(her story - help,advice 'how to handle the situation' and more links!)
Hope after Miscarriage
(Personal story,support,suggestions and more links!)
How to be an angel
(excellant,concise what to do &say and NOT do& say to a friend who has miscarried)
Rissys RN page
(Rissy's mission is to make sure others going through Perinatal crisis are treated with gentleness and compassion (bless you Rissy!) A must see site esp for nurses!
Bonnie Babies Foundation
(This one comes highly recommended by my online friend Kaz!)
"Book of Life"
Subsequent Pregnancy

Angels Above and Pregnant Again
(Lovely site -includes choice of memorials)
The online home of the newsest miscarriage, infant loss support group in Sicily. This group is intended to serve the American Military in Sicily, however anyone in the Military who has ever lost a child is welcome to join our email list.(see listing on email groups page)
Abundance of The Heart
This is a gorgeous site and you can get stunning certificates of rememberance of your baby here. Also memorials and a newsletter...loads of information,support,poems and so on.There is just so much to look at and Tonya is a wonderful friendly person ( and my new online friend :-0 ) Also see the email group "Heavens_gate"
Quote"We desire to minister to parents who have decided to let God control the life or death of thier babies even though the doctors may have encouraged terminating the pregnancy due to a condition which is "incompatible with life" or will likely result in a "poor quality of life".
Forever in our hearts
This is a beautiful and informative site
In the words of its creator...
"This site has been created as a memorial to my precious Angel Sons Please feel free to have a good look around and meet my boys. On this page you will find links to each of their stories, awards and webrings. I have also added some information on Creating Memories in the hope it may assist someone to create these most important memories. It is my greatest wish that by sharing my story I may help someone else,"
James Friends
this lovely memorial site is also affiliated to the James friends email group (see list) it features my favourite poem! and links to other memorial sites...Sweetpea is remembered there also.Paula is a wonderful lady and in her words..
"An e-mail support group for parents that have suffered the loss of a baby, For any reason. I set up this group in memory of my first son James who was stillborn onthe4thFeb94,it is a place to find friendship and support, Paulaxx"

Our tiny stars in Heaven
(Beautiful site with personal story and rituals also a place for others to leave their rituals after miscarriage/see mine there too!)

Sweetpeas memorial on the 'Peanut gallery"
(use the link to the peanut gallery to leave a memorial there for your own baby!)

"Baby Bunny" Memorial site"


Madisons page

A place to remember

Gabriel Trey
(there is also a place to leave a memorial to your own lost baby)

Nicholas' Memorial site - includes a lovely place to remember your own lost baby
Memorial to SavannahAn attractive memorial and touching includes inspirational poetry

In memory of Whitney
Nathaniels Play yard - connected to the wonderful "Abundance of the heart"

Candlelight Vigil Page!
(light a candle for your baby)

Tyler James
(Tyler was born 14 weeks premature here is his Memorial)

.Madeline Rae McCall This memorial includes chat,a forum, memorial page..

'Floor plan' of the East Wing;

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'East wing'

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The above floor plan of the 'East wing will make it easier to find your way around. (You are currently in ROOM 11.)
For first time visitors with no experience of miscarriage;Welcome and thank you for visiting.I urge you to please start with ROOM 1!
Also please take a look at ROOM 2which considers how the parents are feeling..
If you have had a miscarriage and are looking for specific help/information .. Firstly i am sorry for your loss, you could try ROOM 3 which suggests a few things to do which help with the grieving process.
If you are feeling things are hard to cope with..maybe ROOM 5 which lets you know you are not alone with your emotions and sometimes extreme feelings after a loss.
Naturally there is always the question 'Why?'.Often this simply cannot be answered but in ROOM 6 there are listed some causes of miscarriage.
ROOM 7and ROOM 9 are 'public' memorial rooms where parents have left touching tributes to their own babies.You can view these and if you wish to leave one of your own ..go to ROOM 8to submit a memorial using the blank form there.
ROOM 10 is my personal tribute to our 'Sweetpea',story and memorial.
ROOM 11 (you are here) is the links library - listing helpful links to other memorial sites and miscarriage help information resources.
ROOM 12 Is a special link page for people who kindly use my banner and link to 'East display their banner ( or have their site listed) Your site does not have to deal with miscarriage related topics to be listed here.