Light a Candle - For a Baby

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We lost our baby 'Sweetpea'.. on the 5th Sept 1999 - Due Date was April 7th 2000
This Candle burns in Memory - If you would like to show your support
Please light a candle For Sweetpea

from(Your name):

And/Or Dedicate a candle to another lost baby:
Babys Name:

Thank you.
These candles will remain here burning brightly in constant memory

Sweetpeas Candles
These 'Big' Candles
will take you
to the pages which
hold the individual
dedication candles.

Your Baby's Candle

I am overwhelmed by the response to this.Thank you all so very very much!
By the way dont be concerned if you 'light' a candle and dont see it straight away -
I actually have to add it personally :-),Angie
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