I have started this page as a 'birthday' rememberance for Sweetpea ,
as we have now had his first Angel-day (5th sept 2000)- the anniversary of the miscarriage.

If Sweetpea had lived and been born near his due date of April 7th
he would be 6 months old now
Read the memorial/letter i wrote to Sweetpea .
I have something very special to place here...
a letter from his big sister Roxanne (6 years old)

To Malcolm or Rose
I really miss you
It is past your birthday, you would be six months old.
You were so tiny when you died.....So I wrote this poem for you.

You're a little butterfly,
As sweet as a Pea,
I love you so much i cant eat my tea...
I'm rapping on the window to come in the house
and...Why is there a little mouse
standing on your house?

With love from big sister Roxanne
October 2nd 2000

Sweetpeas Story
My Letter
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