Welcome to Eastwingchat support group club pages.
You are welcome to look around....
Membership to the emailgroup not only accesses great friendship and support ..but also have your angel-baby listed on the butterfly memory page.
There is a message board here for group members to enjoy ( please note there is a general noticeboard for all visitors on the main Eastwing site.) Also I have added a chat room
(by the way ive had trouble adding this feature! So what ive done for now is link my yahoo club to the Chat link. Once you join it the chatroom is available for use all the time)
for any visitors to Eastwing to use for get togethers with epals or people they have met on the message boards.On the links page i will add members favourite links and personal homepages.

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Page created 9th May 2000 For the Eastwingchat support email group
By Angie Alexander