IF you are a woman...
Or know a woman.....
I beg of you take a few minutes to learn a little about what it means to have miscarried and understand the additional hurt that comes from saying "the wrong thing" (however well meant!)
The idea for this began due to the shock and pain I have felt at the comments from people regarding miscarriage...
My intention is to try and help others like me,NOT to have to deal with these comments...
Miscarriage tends to be hushed up and little understood..only 'education' from those who have gone through it can help! I hope as many people as possible will take the time to at least read the "what NOT to say to a parent who has suffered a miscarriage"!
(The thoughts there are not just mine but a collection from many parents,mostly mothers,the majority of whom who have like me, come online for some support and understanding
Therefore as you begin your journey from this point you will find the initial section deals with 'what to say and NOT to say'.
At the far end of the wing,where it is quiet and peaceful ,you will come to 'Sweetpeas Story' and Memorial.
There is also a special 'Startlight Gallery Memorial room" where parents can leave a memorial to their own baby lost through miscarriage.
As well there are sections on causes of miscarriage and dealing with the grief and loss.
Im also compiling a 'library' of links - to other memorial and miscarriage help/information sites.
Thank you so much for coming here....If i can help you in some way ,(whether to find comfort in your time of loss or to help you know what to say to a friend or family member) then all the hard work will have been worthwhile!

When you have had time to look around you might like to fill in my new Feedback Form.
Thank you
PLEASE continue ....

'What Not to say!'   *   How does it feel?

If you would like to help raise awareness and understanding of miscarriage
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