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Jennifer and John
edd was December 27, 2000
Misc; June 15, 2000
" This year on Mother's Day I found out that I was pregnant.
It was to be my first child and i was thrilled. On June 13, 200o...5 days before I was to have my first ultrasound to see my baby growing inside of me... I started bleeding and went to the hospital...when they did the ultrasound they could find no heart beat.
I was supposed to be 8 weeks along, but the baby had somehow died at 6 weeks. There was no heartbeat. I never got to hear the heartbeat of my first child. On June 15, 2000 i finally had the miscarriage.
It devastated me terribly and still does. My heart goes out to anyone who has had a miscarriage or lost a baby in any way. My prayers are with you.
Please Lord, bless my baby and hold him/her tight till eventually I am with him/her again.."


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