Baby Culberson

Remembered by...
Mom and Dad

We would have named you Gregory Dalton if you were a boy or Haley Raelynn if you were a girl,
either way it wouldnt have mattered to us, we just wanted and needed you.
There isnt a day that goes by that I dont miss you growing inside of me, or wandering who you would have looked like.
My arms ache to hold you every day and night wishing I could look at you and count all of your fingers and toes.
Instead of us getting to watch you grow, you grew wings and became a angel.
Just always know that even though we cant see you,or hold you, you will forever be in our hearts
and we will love you and miss you always.

Love Always,

Mom and Dad


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memorial page created 31st Jan 2001 with love by Angie