Cade Alexander Wilson

Remembered by...
Beckie and Andy
edd = 12-07-2000
misc = 05-14-2000 (Mother's Day)
I found out I was pregnant on April 10th 2000.
We were so excited. I told everyone. I started bleeding about three weeks later, and on Mother's Day it was all over.
I miscarried the day before my first doctors appointment.
I will never forget my first baby, where ever life may take me, I will always have him with me.
I never actually learned the gender. That was the only name we had picked out.
I will be thrilled when i finally have a baby, but he will always be with me and be a part of my life.

Mommy and daddy love you so much Cade!! Have fun playing with all the other angel babies!!
Hugs and kisses XXOO


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