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Remembered by...
Mommy and Daddy

Edd were July 26th 2000 and Dec 9th 2000
Misc; Dec 19th 1999 and May 10 2000
"I've always known how lucky I was, being blessed with 3 beautiful children, but now losing 3 beautiful children has made my heart so heavy at times.
All I can do now is to remember how lucky I am to have been blessed with 5 pregnancies, all of which I celebrated.
They were a gift, a gift for which I will always be thankful for.
Each pregnancy brought new hope, great joy & in the end a sadness I will never fully recover from.
So here's to you, my loves, my babies who I have yet to meet -I have your boxes & journals next to your sister & brothers boxes and I will always keep you safe in my heart!
Love, Mommy & Daddy "


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