Spell to Banish Warts

This is the spell we used to finally banish all my daughters wart. It was done in late summer when the apple trees had lots of apples..
I found as many correspondences as possible and we used them all!
The person to be healed MUST be present for this spell btw.Also any medication they are using.
We cast our circle inside a triangle of three mature apple trees in our garden
Before we started we did the following:
My daughter had to draw a picture of a wart on a piece of green card,imagining all her warts disappearing. i then anointed the card with essential oils of healing
prepared a personal healing candle -this was white and we dripped on it red,green and pink wax from other candles,we also wrote her name on the candle with red texta and drew healing runes on the candle with black texta.
(I will explain all color and other correspondences used in this spell at the bottom of the page)
We also made a Healing Heart card (green card again) and anointed and decorated it with the same oils ,wax colors and rune. The Card was in the shape of a heart
*Dug a small hole in front of the altar (which we placed in the centre of the circle facing south in this case (for earth here in Australia,earth corresponds to the skin when healing)

assembled the following:(*denotes items prepared prior)

her medication,
green candle,
essential oils;sandalwood,chamomile,tea tree green healing card with wart drawn on it*
Personal Healing Heart card*
Personal Healing Candle*
5 tea light candles
Pine and Eucalyptus leaves
Thyme and Rosemary (we just used some from kitchen herb jars)
Cinnamon,Turmeric.Garlic,(also spice jar variety!)
Apple leaves
1 ripe apple
Sharp knife
Food (we used green jelly beans)
Drink (green cordial will do nicely !)

My daughter sat quietly in the middle of the circle
The Altar was set in the middle as i mentioned (with small hole dug in front of it)
It was set with Large white Diety candle,green healing candle,incense,salt,water,red fire candle and apple
all other items we had in a green box beside the altar

Marking Out Circle
I measured out the circle with my red magickal cord ,the 4 points can be marked with apples
i then took a few minutes to ground and center

Casting The Circle
I then cast the circle, as we are in Australia i move anticlock wise to follow the path of the sun. I started in the south as Earth is the important element in this healing spell
I used salt to mark out the circumferance of the circle - salt is cleansing of course and it is also of the element Earth which corresonds to skin for healing
I used a very simple casting rite,3 times i moved around the circle, chanting,
"I cast this circle thrice about to keep unwanted spirits out"
I just used my finger and imagined white energy pouring forth from it to form our magickal space
Calling Quarters
Again i kept it very simple,
Taking the salt again from the altar i went to the southern point and held it aloft
"Spirits of the South and Earth, I invite you to our Magick rite...." I paused here, 'seeing' them arrive,then bowed in acknowledgment.."Welcome"
I then went once around the circle sprinkling salt.
Taking the incense i repeated the procedure at the east point...
"Spirits of the East and Air...."
Next the North and Fire (with the red candle -lit of course)
and finally with the water, West and Water.

Call Dieties
"God of the Sun and Goddess of the Moon
I call on you to join our rite and help in our healing"
Light the Large white Diety Candle. ( of course you may choose two,one for god and one for goddess but i prefer to combine them as that is my vision of the diety -male and female in one form,both equal -and so i dont want to light one or the other 'first')

Next I lit the green healing candle on the altar
Then the Personal healing candle
Person to be healed holds Salt and Personal Healing Candle (sitting on ground -facing altar and south)
Both ground and center
Invisage white light.Feel the energy.See area healed.

Pour Salt into hole
Place the green healing card (previously annointed with essential oils and colored wax etc as above) with the wart drawn on it IN the hole
Place the 5 tea light candles in a circle around the hole.
Light the tea light candles
Place some of all the herbs,spices,leaves in hole ( pine,eucalyptus,apple leaves,thyme & rosemary,cinnamon,turmeric,garlic)


Cut open Apple
Rub the cut areas of the apple on area to be healed
While rubbing Chant out loud....
"OUT WART-INTO APPLE!!!!!!" (with each rub)
Place pieces in hole
Cover with the soil and state:
"As these wither and return to the earth so shall the warts die"
Place green healing candle on top of filled in hole
Person to be healed places hands on the soft earth
Concentrate on the flame and visualise healing energy. (This can take as long as you like)
Extinguish green healing candle and Personal healing candle.

Eat and Drink

Thank Dieties
Extinguish candle
Thank quarters and farewell
Take down circle

Next we placed left over pine,eucalyptus and apple leaves in a narrow necked vase
we tied the personal healing candle to it with a green cord and also attached the personal healing card to it.This we placed in her room
We also had the medication present so it would ansorb healing energies - we continued to use the liquid on the wart for another week.Magic complements .
Within a month EVERY TRACE of all the warts had gone
Blessed Be!