January 31st 2001 - change to memorials
It is with great regret and reluctance that i am (temporarily i hope)
not accepting any new memorials for the Starlight Gallery or Angel Babies....
It makes me sad to do this as this website is very important to me...but at the moment i have little choice
I have been accepted into University where I plan to study Psychology - ultimately i hope I will be able to help more people..
However my study load will severely reduce any time i have to work on memorials..
Eastwing will remain open and I have designed a new memorial page which will be easier to manage while I am studying - in the future - or at intervals I hope to make memorials available in the Starlight Gallery and Angel Babies.
In the meantime please visit "In the Stars with Sweetpea - Forever Loved" and if you would like your baby included just email me ** (memorial in subject line)with babies name and date of loss - you can have your email included also.
I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this website and made it a place of peace love and healing.
You have all helped me in my own journey of healing and i hope i can continue to help all of you whose pain and grief brings you here.....