This is basically the lounge room as it was when I did the initial walkthrough.
the image below has marked in the main energy flows

On the next pic ive added (in red) ideas for imroving the energy - I havent tried any yet, ive just been thinking about it. The final sketch is how I am hoping the energy will be affected. (i dont necessarily think the 'color' will change , though it might as i am hoping to soften and calm in general. However ive done it in yellow so its easier to read the diagram.

My ideas include sewing a yellow cover for the sofa and a little yellow tablecloth embroidered with blue and white flowers on the coffee table.
Also id like a blue toned rug between sofa and tv... ive actually just put up some curtains - id like them in blue and yellow, sort of a mix of peacefulness and happiness :-) but there were some blue-grey and pink ones in the house, so they will do for the moment.
The idea being that the soft fabrics in bright friendly colours will help create a swirl of energy in the tv area - making a little happy corner where the family gathers.
Id like two large pot plants on either side of the tv and perhaps a small mirror behind the tv. this is rather a 'flat' corner at the moment and id like the energies from the plants and I thought they would encourage the flow into the corner, the mirror might also help this movement, the plants guarding against any fast movement in the area.
An amythest crystal cluster on top of the computer.
Curtains for the empty bookcase under the toilet window - ive put lacy net curtains on the other one and it has improved the feel of that area, warmer and softer.
Id like to hang windchimes right in the middle of the room- this area is a very 'through' area- there are doors in all directions and I want to scatter the energy a bit so it goes around the room
and if I get a canary id pop him in the 'toilet' corner - so long as he didnt mind that is.. id put a mirror behind him against the toilet wall. This area is rather negative and probably the worst spot in the room...ideally id love the fish tank there but for the moment it will have to stay where is is because of the plugs. Anyway, it needs some major energy boost.

I have a buddha statue and thought id put him behind the sofa looking out into the room , and id like a statue for the end of the sofa, looking in to the tv corner.just to bring in the stream which rushes through the room just now.
It will take me a while to try all these things. The changes I have made, hanging the curtains, putting a lace curtain at one of the bookshelves and changing the angle of the sofa to create a tv corner have helped to create a more cosy feel , instead of feeling like we are sitting in the middle of a motorway.
if anyone has any feedback, thoughts, ideas etc id love to hear them - im finding this room very difficult!