Preliminaries Magick is learning to tap into,utilising and manipulating the energy forces which are present throughout the universe, (These energies are present in all earthly things,living and otherwise and also in the planets and other heavenly bodies above us. ) In combination with our own powerful psychological energies - that is the power of our own will and intent. Each of us is a part of the universal whole - magick takes advantage of this. It follows that what we do will affect us (the law of karma, what goes around comes around etc) so keep your magick for good purposes! So - a quick note about ethics. Please do not set out to do Love Magick aimed at a particular person unless they are already your partner and they know you are doing it - esp as we will be using poppets - if the person is your partner focus on nurturing the love energies between you - dont try to manipulate the person - that is dont use love magick to try and change a person etc) Use Love Magick to bring love into your life, increase love, and so on Most importantly Love MAgick should never harm anyone - including yourself - so dont use it to try and get Brad Pitt or your neighbours lover or an old boyfriend back! Leave the magick free to bring you love (unless you are partnered - then it is okay to mention your partner *grin*) Remember NO love is PERFECT (sorry! lol) At the very very end of the spell - there is a ritual and an ongoing reminder of the need to work on and nurture the special relationship (that you either already have if partnered, or will find) CLEANSING If you are going to do MAgick - you want to be clean and pure - you want to work with good energies and send them out. Its a good idea to do the 'magickal parts' of this spell after your evening shower or bath. Take time during your wash to imagine negativity washing off you - imagine black gunk washing down the drain leaving you feeling fresh and clear. If this is not possible - hold your hands under running water - wash them well and do the same imagining. "RULES" to protect yourself and others; "Harm none, including yourself" Simple huh - but it covers everything , believe me - so long as you think carefully before you act. PROTECTION Im not going to teach you how to cast a magickal circle , thats not necessary - but there is a simple 'trick' which will help you focus your energies , its a great psychological tool and with the powerful love energies we will be dealing with its a great idea for maximum benefit - but its up to you. Its simply a case of ,when doing the candle magick etc, imagining you are inside a white ball of light - this focuses positive energies on you and your activities. **************************************************************************** ********************************************** SUPPLY LIST pink windchimes - either buy pink windchimes or gather materials to make them valentines card - either buy one or materials to make one old undies -(YOURS!!!) red or pink (they dont have to fit,rofl) or you can buy new ones if you have to. Alternatively you can use red or pink felt...or any material actually! MEN's Jocks - BUY THESE NEW! (UNLESS you have a partner - then steal a pair out of his drawer, lol. If buying - find what appeals - (silk for a sexy sensous guy, cartoon print for fun, red for passion, white cotton for pure and simple,..........) you get the idea - have some fun - see what associations come to mind when shopping for these underpants and try and match what you would like) crystals - you should be able to find small inexpensive ones if you have any kind of vaugely metaphysical shop nearby - if you absolutely cant find any anywhere then we will improvise. You need the crystals to creat the 'heart' of your poppet. alternatives could be small clay heart(or play dough- baked in oven) or... well perhaps a plastic love heart trinket.....crystals are best - they contain specific energies, but your will and intent are the most important elements. Anyway - if possible purchase 2 rose quartz crystals Optional - rose quartz, garnet and ruby crystals (as many as you please,lol) Lavender Oil - essential oil - is available all over the place these days, even supermarkets and chemists etc Pink Soap - lash out - buy something sweet smelling and luxurious *grin* Roses - Red and/or Pink - these are expensive if you have to buy them.... see how you go - hopefully there are some around - if at all possible obtain 9 blooms Lavender flowers - should be reasonably easy to find - a lavender sachet is quite acceptable Red texta -( or pen, pencil, chalk, whatever you may have - it needs to make marks on the undies, grin, red nail varnish is kewl) nice white cloth -( anything you may have including a pillow case or lace doily is fine) Vanilla essence - yes like in cooking Cooking herbs and spices - Cinnamon Coriander Ginger Cloves Cumin Rosemary leaves - try your local nursery if desperate -often tube stock is available for a couple of dollars (you only need a *smile* a lemon and an orange - yes the fruit! cake candles - you need 7 white and 3 pink Optional - 1 large white candle and 1 'normal' red candle Optional - Magic 'charm bag' (you can buy these in Spotlight now -gorgeous organza bags - just perfect - with little drawstrings, very cheap, about a dollar) Or making your own is a real cinch although not as fancy (unless you are patient and skilled) - still just cut a circle of any material (put stuff in middle - bunch together and tie with ribbon) if making charm bag - circle of material pink ribbon More ribbon (you need this) length of pink (2 pieces) length of red (1 piece) (you will be plaiting these so obtain a reasonable length - a metre of pink and 1/2 metre of red would be great - it can be the very narrow stuff) If possible (these can be quite small - or big - whatever you have or find) -Square of black fabric and pink fabric (anything at all) also circle of red fabric Finally one red and one pink helium balloon this is for valentines day and they will abound then - balloon shops will fill them on the spot for you, cheaply - we have one in Warrnambool (a party shop i mean). If you cant get them its ok - we will improvise on the day *smile* More than one way to cast a love spell LOL Eventually you will be buying a plant - it must have pink or red flowers - yes a rose bush is ideal. For partnered people you can do this on valentines day if you wish - so think about buying a nice plant - nurseries have lovely potted roses - the dark red ones which smell divine are ideal for this..... but cheaper plants are okay too - have a think about this one, look around the plants available and see what you find. You also might like to think about taking cuttings from a suitable bush on valentines day which would also be a very suitable activity, ideal in fact, if this is a possibility for you. if you plan to take cuttings- your supplies include striking powder for cuttings (nursery or garden bit of supermarket - comes in small paper packets) small pots (yes icecream containers, yogurt pots, whatever, will do!) plastic bags (like from vege counter at supermarket!) If you have a partner buy a plant now if you are able - or go for the cutting option too! okay! WHEW - thats the list - hopefully you can assemble lots tonight - highlight the list and choose 'print selection' option,. print it out and mark off all the things you have - gather them together now - maybe in a box, on a shelf,in a drawer, wherever you can - tomorrow take the list shopping and get the rest if you wish/ are able to- anything you cant get, dont panic, we will improvise.! Nothing is essential except your will and intent! **************************************************************************** **** SPELL COMING NEXT The SPELL. STARTING Tuesday if possible - the important thing to start tuesday night is the candle magick (item 5 ,6 and 7below) - the rest can be started Wednesday if you are short of time) Okay - we are fortunate that we have a waning moon right now - perfect for removing unwanted naegatives, releasing the old, reversing circumstances etc - so for those who are looking for a partner - it is time to clear out any blocks to a new love , for those with partners, just concentrate on clearing any negativity. Procedure (1) ( remember cleanse first - hand washing with pink soap is fine. Imagining a white ball of light around you is good too) (2)make up a mix which we will use for various activities - you want a fair bit of this Mix Lavender Rose Petals Coriander Ginger Cinnamon lemon peel orange peel (from the fruit in our supply list) rosemary leaves Mix together in a bowl , you can chant "love is all around" (sing the song if you like 'love is all around, in every sight and every sound...") (3)You can put some of this in your charm bag and carry it with you, at night, tuck it under your pillow, partnered people make one for your partner too! (4)Leave the rest in bowl - leave it on a surface in your bedroom - hang your pink windchimes if you like - or make them We will need more later. In the meantime the energies are beneficial. (5)Personal love candle. take your large white candle. imagine a white ball of light around you, light your red candle and melt 'love' symbols onto your candle. Be creative, carve heart shapes on your candle, maybe glue little glitter shapes on, draw with texts, anything you like! You can rub lavender oil on your candle too (might like to do this first,lol) (6)Daily - 5th to 11th (steps 6 to 7) place a small white birthday candle on square of black cloth with bowl of MIX. imagine white ball of light around you. Say " My heart is clear and free, let there be nothing between true love and me" (7)Light your personal love candle with the little candle. If possible sit quietly imagining the white light radiating out -cleansing self and all that blocks you from receiving love, until the birthday candle burns out. Snuff the personal love candle (dont blow it out - pinch iwth fingers or snuff with a candle snuffer (sometimes i use the top of a pop top bottle at the moment,lol) ***( PLEASE NOTE) the white candle magic is done every night up to and including monday 11th. on tuesday 12th (new moon) until valentines day 14th we change to the small pink candles and start to concentrate on attracting love to us - new beginnings . saying something like " now its time to start anew, im ready for a love so true" partnered people may like something along the lines of " You love me and I love you, ever deeper and stronger our love so true" we will also be incorporating poppet magic on those three days - we will make the poppets (yes with the underwear! on the weekend- at the time of the dark of the moon- a time of waiting)******* (8) DAILY 5th to 13th ; place a pot on a square of black material - into the pot sprinkle Rose petals (if you were able to get them - each day we will be plucking the petals of a rose while saying " Roses are red, Violets are blue, clear the way, for my love so true" (if you have a really big fat rose - just put some in the pot and some aside on a sheet of pink paper or cloth) Lavender flowers 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 1 tsp coriander (9)add a couple cups of water and simmer on stove for half an hour or so - if you like you can stir it gently and say " Make room for love!!! All blocks to love are gone, Finally I'll find the one!" (or whatever!) (10)Pour the mix into the garden after wards and imagine the path clearing so love may reach you. (10) 9/10th feb Make poppet cut gingerbread men shapes from your undies and the mens jocks here is a pattern if you need one Instructions: 1. Print and cut out the poppet pattern. 2. Fold material, right sides together. 3.. Pin the pattern on the material, then cut out. 4. Proceed with poppet magick. Sew up dolly , leave head end open. Put in some of your hair your nail clippings the MIX (lol) drop or two of lavender oil if necessary -cotton balls, wadding,old tights, lol whatever you need to fill it up - if you have lots of lavender and rosemary stick it all in. dont forget your heart! rose quartz crystal if you have it - or imrovise- a heart shape drawn on a piece of paper is fine! tuck it in appropriate place Write and draw all over your dolly (might need to do this before stuffing,lol) 'love' words and symbols sew up bless dolly - say something like "With clear heart and spirit I have made you, May only pure energies combine to bring me love so true!" And it harm none! ( always handy to add this - it covers everything) The love interest dolly - if partnered and he lets you, add some hair and nail clippings to his dolly *smile* plus all the other stuff. You can write his name on him (only for partnered people!!!) Now!~ Plait your two pink ribbons and one red ribbon. fasten one end to each poppet. sit them on your bedroom surface near the bowl of MIX each night of the 12th and 13th and on the morning of the 14th AFTER the candle magick move them closer together until on the 14th cuddle them together and tie the ribbon into a bow. On the 14th you can sit them in the MIX for the day in celebration Then,Wrap them in your piece of nice white cloth and store in your undie drawer until the spell manifests. On Valentines day partnered people may like to buy a rose bush together, when you come home carefully take apart the poppets , saying, "I now sever this link with thanks and love" Lovingly put the components of the poppets in the earth and plant your new bush on top. Make a point every day of tending your plant - mark on calender weekly fertilizing and fortnightly black spot spray, pruning dates and so on. This is the ongoing nurture of your love. Alternatively - partnered and unpartnered people may like to take cuttings of a suitable plant on the day (pop in pot of potting mix - dip ends in cutting hormone powder - place around outside edge of pot- not touching plastic though . Cover pot with plastic bag - hold up off plants with twigs) When the cuttings have grown follow procedure above - when you feel the spell has manifested. If the spell does not manifest - it is ok to keep poppet and repeat spell at a later date. VALENTINES DAY ok - your poppets are cuddling together in your mix, other activities for the day (apart from the plant and / or cuttings) Simmer love potion on stove for the last time ( unless you desire to keep doing this for love energies and cos you like the smell - no harm in that! light last pink birthdya candle in morning - before other activiities if possible , and desired, buy pink and red helium balloons - write a love message on the valentines card and send it off into the sky (if no balloons - you may send your card out to sea in a bottle *smile*... burn it if you wish or even bury it in the earth) Say something like " As love goes out around the earth, so it comes back to my home and hearth" Thats it! Whew, im going to have a nap! Enjoy and good love! (((((hugs)))))