Lochlan Patrick & Billy Gerard

Remembered by...
All who looked forward to your birth
Written by Angie ~ in the name of all who miss you

edd : May 2000
stillborn :Tuesday May 23rd 2000

Dear Lochlan and Billy
Its been 6 months now since that hearbreaking day when you arrived into this world, having already left.
How hard for the living to understand and accept.
There are tears in my eyes now as I write this. ...
Its been 6 months - what beautiful boys you would be now...sitting up,babbling and chewing rusks.!!!
I wonder if you would have looked like your sisters and brother? Blonde and gorgeous!
How I looked forward to meeting you ! The whole community was excited! You boys were real celebrities *smile*
I couldnt wait for you two to be playmates for my little boy Andrew- he was born about 7 weeks after you.
I hope somehow, somewhere you are with my baby who died last year - he was only really little so give him a cuddle for me !
My heart aches for your Mummy and Daddy and your sisters and brother - Alanna, Jared and Emily....how they must miss you.
I know you will know how much they miss you - and the rest of your family will too, your Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles and Cousins...and I want you to know there are others out there who love and miss you too!
Lochlan and Billy you are two special little boys - you will never be forgotton and will live on in the hearts of many - forever.

Love and Hugs
Angie Alexander


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