Feb 2nd 2002
Lammas /Lugnasadh/ Harvest celebration

Artwork by Roxanne (Age 8)

I had planned this for monday - but realised as Kenny wasnt at work, Roxanne wasnt at school, AND id done the grocery shopping the day before and the house was absolutely groaning with fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and loads and loads of freshly cut flowers from our garden.....the perfect time was today!

I gave the house an extra clean - although thanks to fly-lady and the home and candlemas classes (smile) it looks great, then did a simple cleansing using the carpet powder id mixed previously (salt/baking soda/herbs and essential oils)

We ate about 2.00pm as Kenny had to go out and milk in the afternoon. I had already defrosted the lamb roast so put that in oven in the morning.
(not for little vegan me though lol)

Roast lamb (with mint and parsley flakes)
Roast potatoes
Raw Carrots, Celery, Tomatoes, Lettuce
Freshly baked home-made bread
Mountain bread
bowls of fruit, nuts, seeds
Fruit salad

Drinks ; fresh apple and orange juice
Set the table with a yellow cloth , placed a smaller yellow and green one diagonally over it, decorated with centrepiece of fruit, vase of yellow and orange flowers, yellow and green candles, and set out bowls of nuts and so on. Incense - sandalwood.

As we lit candles and laid the table, set out the food - Themes discussed with children were
" Important things enjoyed today had small beginnings in the past"
"Harvest requires planning and hard work before enjoying results"
"What we do today will affect our future"
"When things are good, remember to put by for 'a rainy day'"
"That we are very lucky to be able to enjoy such food and to remember to be thankful!"
" all we were eating came from the sun's energy"
"how even in summer the days are shortening and preparation is begining for winter."

then we sat down and ate it all up!

After clean up time (ick!)

The kids and I drew pictures of the themes we had talked about. I plan to take these into the school to be laminated and we will use them as place-mats next year!

After another clean up LOL we went for a walk and gathered a bag of grass stalks/seed heads that had been slashed at the roadside.

Went home tipped it all on the kitchen floor and made "corn dollies" (grass dollies!)

then we had..another clean up, ROFL

Loads of fresh fruit and home made toast before bed!

Was a really lovely day and really enjoyed by all!The weather was a bit harsh (cold and intermittant rain - but still!)

Sunday, Feb 3rd 2002
We had lots of food left over so had a similar early afternoon meal like yesterday's. Extra touches included yellow name tags and red poppies. Expanded the menu to also include
rice-like pasta
mixed veg
finished up with little individual apple and berry pies

After the meal and clean up, and everyone had gone off to do their own thing, I enjoyed a small thanksgiving ritual. I used the stove as my altar *smile*. I felt very happy and energised while setting up :-)
Set with the still burning harvest meal candles (yellow and green),
corn dollies,
fruit and nuts
dish of salt
river rock
bowl of rain water
Goddess and God candles
'fire' candle.

After grounding and centering I cast circle and quietly meditated on the harvest and gave thanks. I asked that we learn to 'sow well that we may harvest well"
I did a simple cleansing of self with the elements. Finished ritual, Grounded, Ate some of the nuts, sipped water, took down circle.....
Finished up feeling extremely peaceful and content :-)

Thanks for the harvest!