Jordan John

Remembered by...
Mom & Dad
Edd was July 26th 2000
Misc; March 17th 2000
" You're a doll, yet smaller than any doll we've ever seen.
We gaze through your closed eyes and we see your life ~ the days of a life unlived.
Though we do not hear you cry, we cry for you. In those precious few minutes, you bravely tried to catch your breath ~ the precious gift of life.
We hold you in our arms during this life that's much too short, we get to know you, your soul.
We know we will recognize you ~ and get to know you even better ~ in the life. Today is St. Patrick's Day ~ the day of Saints.
Jordan, you are our Saint.
We have gotten to know God even better through these few minutes of your life. And from all of this, Jordan, you have taught us how precious life truly is,
no matter how short or how long.
Thank God for this life.
Love Grandma Forret "


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