Walkthrough of house- energy flow and stagnant spots or energy blocks/turmoil etc

First I did another House spirit meditation. The spirit showed me problem areas and made suggestions to help.

Empty bookcases (cover with cloth)
Bare wall opposite kids beds (mirror?)
Bath sink exposed pipes (skirt)
Very bad stagnant area beside phone, where door creates a triangular space with corner.
Choas area beside bed / kennys stuff from wardrobe we chucked out.
some turmoil under bed (clear completely)
Bad area in front living room / full of packed boxes
Henrys room, bit whooshy - more plants? maybe mirrors?
Toilet - major problem
Heart of home
Laundry - bland
Kitchen, broken cupboard door
front door - broken flywire
Pantry - dark and cluttered
(organise/clear. Mirror? Contact on shelves)

Then I did the actual walkthrough
I found the colors hard to pick in some rooms, in others it seemed obvious...

As I stepped into the house
feeling: conflicting energy, stress, disorganised
sound: clanging bells
color: red/orange ?

Energy from: Main source seemed to be from 'toy room' directly opposite the entrance doorway.
Energy to: most obvious direction was to the kitchen.
Nothing in its path from that direction
No corners in path.
Major problem in corner where toilet is - stagnant and negative energy seepage from toilet window.
Bit rushy energy too through the middle - meant to be lounge but more of a thoroughfare.
(LIVING ROOM;This room has 4 doors (3 internal) and two windows, the computer and TV are in there and the toilet has a window opening into it! so upon reflection, im not surprised. This house is one of many in this area built cheaply to house farmers on small 'settlement' farms. Commision houses basically.Everything is as basic and cheap as can be imagined. hat we use as our living room is a more recent addition, added illegally id say as the toilet window now opens INTO this room and there is not even an extractor fan in the toilet. To make matters worse the toilet is now the heart of the house. It is dark and completely stagnant. The only energy flow is from the toilet bowl if we leave the lid open, the negative energy then seeps through the window and into the lounge....
after doing walkthrough I realised energy flow from laundry sweeps the computer area in one corner but does create turmoiling energies, esp with two windows in this area too. The TV corner is stagnant, in fact its a funny area, mixed energies and crossing from windows, however i recently moved the sofa diagonally across this area and i think it helps by deflecting some window energy but there is a bit of swirling here.
Possibly part of this room needs partitioning off to create a cosy family area, shutting off the through area to bedroom, laundry, kitchen. Probably some protection from computer and telly (crystals?)and maybe a plant or two to deflect energies at certain points and try to create a directional flow.?

Warm ,Happy Color:
Yellow Sound:
Running water Energy from:
Living Room Energy to:
'box' Room and Hall In path:Table
Corners in path:Yes
Stagnated?:There are a few problems- behind the door from lounge/Pantry/Stove area.
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:archway into 'box room'turmoil area here - the energy goes into box room but comes out all messed
This area is a real problem - the House spirit actually told me it was sad we were leaving and was upset by the boxes and asked me to shut the room off? Im not sure if this is the answer, but for a quick fix i must admit I felt compelled to do so. I hung a sheet (yellow) across part of the archway and pinned a big silver full moon shape in the middle. The difference this made was astonishing. Ive taken photos to try and demonstrate....

'Box Room:
stale,stagnant ,turmoil Color:
grey perhaps Sound:
roar Energy from:
kitchen Energy to:mixed in room, doesnt come out nicely , just confusion.
In path:boxes full of packed things ready to move,
Corners in path:hmmm
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:had to close other door out of this room because of the box piles - this is preventing exit of energy

Feeling:Nothing much,fairly 'clear'
Color:blue maybe
Sound:soft hum
Energy from:two sources, kitchen most obvious
Energy to:Main course, down hall into bathroom, but small amount to Henrys room,more into main bedroom and Playroom
In path:Nothing until enters rooms
Corners in path:no
Stagnated?:There is a bad area to left of telephone where triangle created with door
Rushing area?not really
Other problems?:

Henry's room (dog):
Energy from:Some from kitchen via hall but also energy stream from sliding glass door to garden. Some confusion, energy exiting and entering here it seems
Energy to:The entering energy has some problems - hits wall directly opposite, doesnt go into laundry, deflected by its door, seems to be wasted.lost energy.
In path:nothing
Corners in path:yes
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:no direct path to anywhere for energy entering

Master bedroom:
Feeling:fairly Placid
Sound:not much, lapping waves maybe
Energy from:some in from hall, most from windows swirls clockwise
Energy to:laundry - but crosses energy path down the hall
In path:nothing really, part of the bed i guess
Corners in path:yes
Stagnated?: One corner over by DH's head is a little, also opposite door
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:

Feeling:this one confused me a bit, warm but bland?
Color:Red? how odd!
Sound:bubbling! lol
Energy from:Main bedroom. Also seemed to be from window near computer,(where the enrgy is flowing TO... this seems to cause swirling, confusion and mixed energies around this area.?
Energy to:goes straight into living room and swirls around computer,under computer table and into that corner which would otherwise be stagnant.
In path:nothing really
Corners in path:yes
Stagnated?:a little behind door
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:bit hard to read in here, sort of confusing

Color:Dark Grey
Sound:oppressive (?)
Energy from:toilet i think! Small dribbles through small 'window' from laundry
Energy to:what energy! lol,negative energy from toilet seeps out through window into lounge
In path:
Corners in path:
Rushing area?NO!
Other problems?:This is the HEART of our home!,Dark

Feeling:cold, unfriendly
Color:dark blue
Sound:underwater ( im not sure what i mean either, ha ha)
Energy from:Hall ( some from kitchen and a stream from kids bedroom)and window
Energy to:Playroom
In path:not much
Corners in path:yes
Rushing area?a bit
Other problems?:ugly area under sink - no cabinet, pipes exposed etc.

Feeling:Warm, Happy,
Energy from:Window, bathroom and Hall, swirls anticlockwise.(collecting energy from window)
Energy to:no direct path anywhere really
In path:doors, corners, walls
Corners in path:in the room, it seems to swirl and all corners are touched
Stagnated?:no not anywhere
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:seems ok

Kid's bedroom:
Energy from:clear flow from playroom window
Energy to:Hall, and bathroom
In path:not much, beds to one side
Corners in path:corners are swept
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:no windows in this room - the playroom opens as an extension of it. Its a bit dark, but as its for sleeping, may not be too bad a problem ( the house spirits suggestion of a mirror on the wall opposite might bounce back kids energy keeping the room a bit more ...cosy?)

Toy Room:
Energy from:seems to be the source of the original energy flow that heads for the kitchen, from two large windows on each side of the north facing corner. Here in Australia this is equivalent of south in Northern Hemisphere. So we are looking at Fire energy. This is interesting as in my House spirit meditation I felt the Spirit of our home was a fire orientated spirit. (this surprised me at the time as I had expected a more subdued manifestation)
Energy to:Living area, through to kitchen. Also through to kids bedroom and into bathroom
In path:nothing major
Corners in path:
Rushing area?no
Other problems?:The wardrobes are along one wall and there is a bit of stagnation in their section

Now, what would i like to acheive?
To walk in and feel warm loving welcome.Thus resolve the conflicting cross flows of energy and create direction
A study area around computer. Protection from ecess energies from electrical items. A friendly tranquil bathroom
To somehow fix the toilet problem -esp as this is the centre of the house