For parents who have suffered the added agony of a pregnancy which has been diagnosed with a poor chance of survival..

there is the unbearable choice of termination or carrying a baby to term ( or as close as possible) knowing it will probably be still born or have a very short life of perhaps only minutes,hours or days.
I have corresponded with a handful of mothers some of whom have chosen termination and some who have chosen to continue. There is no 'right' choice and both are painful agonising grief filled experiences.

If you have been diagnosed in this way or have recently experienced one of these choices - if you email me i can put you in touch with mothers who have gone through the same thing.

..for support dealing with the decision to terminate please go to this link (which includes a story written by a Mum faced with this and links she has found - she will also add your baby on a memorial page)
or try this fabulous new message boardwhere Michele will do all she can to offer support and help.

For support with a pregnancy with a poor prognosis or dealing with the eventual death of your baby please try the following website..
Abundance of the heart..or this link to Heavens Gate email group and Tonya will take care of you.