We did a house cleansing/ Blessing today! I adapted a blessing that someone sent a link to (sorry i'm not sure who now). Anyway , as i have three young children to help me - the ritual involving lots of noise sounded good *grin*. The kids were so excited! They went down to the toy room and "practised" while I gathered salt, candle, incense etc! I kept it very simple to keep the kiddies interest ;-) What we did..... Opened all windows Put all supplies White candle Juniper incense Oil Milk/Honey Salt Pots...pans...wooden spoons etc Water Matches on kitchen table, me and the kids walked around the table 3 times chanting " We cast this circle thrice about, to keep good within and bad without!" We lit our big white goddess candle and juniper incense ,purified our water and salt..... Then we stood and imagined it growing into a 'really big circle around the whole house... then we ran out the front door and circled the house ( to make sure we could imagine that circle *grin*) When we returned to the front door we invited the good spirits in by standing to one side gesturing invitingly and calling, " please come in and dwell within, only good come in and bad come out!!" Then we returned to our table and gathered our noise makers , we ran around the house banging our pots and pans and went to every door, window, toilet, drain etc imagining we were chasing away anything that might make us sad. When we were puffed *grin* we went back to the table and got new tools - I carried the candle, and incense, my daughter the dish of salt and older son the water we circled all the rooms sprinkling salt and water ,LOL and calling out " Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Air (whichever was appropriate)Welcome in , please cleanse our home!" (later i thought we should have shouted "happy happy Joy Joy"as well! like someone suggested) Next we took a little dish of milk and honey, I marked each portal and stated " prosperity and Peace within" while daughter and son continued the salt and water sprinkling (they LOVED that bit!) then with a little brush i marked a cross for protection and said " seal of protection! keep good within and bed without!" At the front and back doors we stopped after that step and added, "Please Bless this house, welcome friends and keep away anyone who would do harm". We poured water across the thresholds three times ( we all drink water and it is a very precious resource here in the Australian countryside where it is caught in rainwater tanks) Finally we returned to the table ,we sipped the water and ate a biscuit Finally we imagined our circle shrinking slowly back to 'table size' and walked slowly and gently around the table (imagining we were 'sucking the circle up into our belly buttons *grin*) murmering "Thank you for your help this day, its time to pack our circle away! Thank you and goodbye!" The only thing that went wrong was that half way through our littlest (18 months) decided it was all too much - threw away his beaters and sat down crying..... I was a bit worried that that might have affected the positive energies we were trying to gather! He got over it and just followed us around after that. he was a bit bemused i think. He was very enthusiastic about the noise while we stayed still but running around the house didnt appeal - probbaly cos he couldnt keep up *smile* Anyway I put a drop of lemon essential oil in every sink/toilet etc and then we had a picnic outside . We were all happy and laughing (even the little one by this time) and the house felt fresh and clean and alive ( that might have been cos all the windows were open and it was nearly blowing away! I must admit later the kids were a bit grumpy and I was worried that the babies distress had caused problems. things settled down and we made Happy Bags ( see below). All seems well - any comments about the tears anyone? i wasnt sure whether to stop or not - as i said he did get back up and trot after us but stilll........? Anyway - it was lots of fun :-) and I am feeling very relaxed and peaceful as i type this, the kids are playing quietly and the baby is asleepppppp............. Luv Emaraldina "Happy Bags" Mine 4 or 5" square of white muslin (i think, very fine can see through it) marked with smiling faces and yellow dots (for happiness) added rosemary (for friendship) Rosemary : remembrance - give to friends and also bereavment For centuries it has been a symbol of friendship and remembrance included little glitttery shapes (cos they looked bright , happy :-) oh and some purple dried flowers (cos i had them they are nice and they filled up the bag a little ,lol) essential oils - dot of lavender (peace, relaxation,harmony) ylang ylang (love and romance) lemon (cleansing, purifying) tied up bag and wrapped on a cinnamon stick using blue embroidery thread for protection green ribbon for health and prosperity (hanging down ) and long thin yellow ribbon tied in a big bow for happiness! Roxanne's "school one"(age 8) 1 fancy hanky rosemary glittery shapes cinnamon stick essential oils lavender peppermint lemon tied up with pale blue embroidery thread dangly white ribbon big bow of thin bright blue ribbon Roxanne's "home one" Square of muslin drew on fancy 'L' s (for luck) yellow paint dots for happiness essential oils lemon lavender sweet orange tied up with pale blue embroidery thread. wrapped a cinnamon stick with fancy criss cross pattern (embroidery thread) and tied it on added dangling grren and white ribbon tied a small yellow ribbon in a bow on the end of the cinnamon stick tied a bow made of thin bright blue ribbon around neck of bag and over top of cinnamon stick. Callum's (age 3) 4 or 5" square of white muslin yellow dots 2 cinnamon sticks glittery shapes dot of lavender oil tied up with blue embroidery thread attached maroon,yellow,white , blue and green ribbons (dangling down) Andrew's (made for him) (age 18 months) Square of muslin dot of lavender oil rosemary glittery shapes yellow paint dots tied with bright blue ribbon in a big bow, with dried purple flowers tucked under added loop of pale blue embroidery thread and hung near cot. ___________________________________________