im starting with the Maiden aspect, Artemis (GreeK) ( Diana the Roman "more or less' equivalent) I always ask Artemis to help me get a parking place when i go shopping on a busy day in town -(visuallising her standing in the place i want with her silver bow and arrow) and boy... she is good! Artemis's festival is listed on one page as Feb 12th which happened to be the new moon - so hopefully that will help the new moon spell i cast! (hopeing it doesnt matter im in the southern hemisphere *smile*) Dianas is listed as Aug 15th Artemis is a Goddess who appeals to me immensely. Sharp witted, quick to act, swift to protect and save her friends from harm, big hearted and apparently opposed to violence (!?) although she demanded justice. Associated with physical and mental healing , psychic powers,magick, fertility and protection. And of course, well known as the Goddess of the hunt, silver sandals and silver bow, full of fun and vitality. Although I would not wish to hunt any animal - so i choose to look at the 'hunt' aspect in a more symbolic form. That is as strength, daring, personal power, determination, drive, dedication, energy, passion. ironically despite the hunt aspect she is considered to have a strong affinity with animals, esp bears, stags,wolves and birds I see her as a "go out there and get what you want" lady. There is NOTHING that is going to stand in her way. She just gets stuck right in and gets on with the job. The bow and arrow is her symbol - the arrow is direct action, decisive, shooting the arrow represents daring to express yourself, to extend your thoughts and beliefs to represent your true self. Virgin in the sense of being her own person, self contained, independant, to thine own self be true, inner focus, intuitive wisdom Her dark side represented aggressiveness and harsh justice, this fierceness apparently resulted in ugly violence and the deaths of many who had crossed her or committed acts she considered inappropriate. An example of the duality or polarity in all things- dark/ light, good/bad, Apparently Artemis means water (Diana means light)- and also as a moon goddess she represents reflection I found some references to herbs which i thought were interesting - "Herbs of Artemis" Lavendar- was once carried to preserve Virginity (presumably refering to the sort of ideals ive referrred to) Mugwort -put sprig in shoe to alleviate fatigue on a long journey. carry on the person to protect from wild beasts. A wand of Hazelwood affords magickal protection Pennyroyal (prevent weariness, exorcism,protection, - relieves animals from pests like fleas,) Rosemary (water rituals- reflection, protection and purification) Wormwood (of the genus Artemisia with healing powers, reputedly discovered by and named after the goddess. use for protection and in love charms to retain self-identity. also repels pests like cabbage butterfly if grown in the garden!) Bay (purification,induce visions, pillow for prophetic dreams, in water during reflective rituals) Hazel Rue (smell to clear the mind in love matters)(also - action - spells to remove inertia) Sage (invigorating - lift spirits and increase vitality) Southernwood (include in bouquets for lovers) (also keeps moths away,lol) "To love in the midst of sweet, little children could do that, but to love in the bitterness of Southernwood is a sure sign of our affectionate fidelity." - St. Francis de Sales Tarragon ("Little Dragon of Artemis" (dont you love that!) Carry if you expect hostility - its scent will inspire you with the bravery of Artemis.Confidence and cool judgement.) Thyme (cleanse house of negativity -also sprinkle dried leaves in wishing box with symbol of what you desire-esp if sun or moon is in aries) ( The above 7 represent action, protection on journeys and from wild beasts, bravery, self-worth and confidence and love in which one retains self identity") resource ;