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I decided to create this 'html help' page because there is no way i could have 'wove my web' without the generous help of the numerous HTML help sites around.
I am in no way an expert and i have a lot to learn but I know a lot more than i used to (heh heh) so I feel more than happy to share the 'basics'. Of course being a computer addict I thought id try to create some background and other graphics for this page...I dont have any of the exciting expensive graphic programs dont laugh at my efforts!

To start with all HTML (stands for HyperText Markup Language!)tags are enclosed in < >to start a 'command' (or make something happen on the screen!) and </>to finish or close the 'command'.
Delightfully simple..but i have spent many frustrated moments trying to understand why my creations weren't appearing magically on the screen..only to find that i had forgotten to add a '>' or close (</>)

A page needs the following basic attributes:
So you will notice the html 'tags' contain all the rest... the page has a 'head' which contains the 'title' and after you have closed the 'head'..logically the 'body' follows.
Into the 'body' goes all your "stuff!". Dont forget to close your body and finally the html!
To avoid the frustration it is very wise to create the tags first (including all those closing tags then add your content!)
My first pages were hilarious I had NO idea how to control the text!..heres how..
To start a new line the fabulous little <br>(means break) This needs no closing tag, you just whack it in wherever you
want to start
a new line
(As i did after you,start and line!) For a bigger gap...<P>(means paragraph) gives


To make something sit nicely in the middle try <center>the words to be centered</>

AND this willHAPPEN!

(dont forget to close it though) To produce a nice horizontal line across the page a simple little <hr>does the trick...hang on i'll show you..
(this also needs no closing tag!)
Now... you dont want a white background and black text..NO PROBLEM! Remember that <BODY> tag before you started creating your page...into that you tuck in the info for the background color or image on your screen AND your text color. You also can add additional color info for links (so they will show up in a different color.
Heres an example... <BODY BGCOLOR="LAVENDER" TEXT="PURPLE" LINK="#0000EE" VLINK="#551A8B"> Instead of a bgcolor(background color) you can have BACKGROUND="image.gif" and display a fancy graphic either as a border or all over the page.There are many many wonderful sites which provide free backgrounds or if you build on a nice free website provider like this one (Tripod) a library of images,including backgrounds is available.
(they are actually not so hard to make..i made mine using a detail from the beautiful 'culross abbey' in Scotland. Using a simple program 'Paint' which came with my computer. change text color IN THE MIDDLE OF ANYWHERE AT ALL You need to use "FONT" tags. LIKE THIS:
I want to be <FONT COLOR="GREEN"></FONT>
becomes I want to begreen
Warning..never forget the little "" on either side of the color or other characteristic you are defining. Without them things just DONT show up!!
Finally if i have been of help getting you started...Please link to this page so others can come here too.Use the graphic ive made below. To take it for your own use right mouse click on the image ,choose the "save picture as " option to save the pic in a file on your own computer. (you can change the name to whatever suits you!)
(Ill show you how to place pics on your page,make them clickable links, make tables and create a clickable email link next!)